Becoming the Best Yoga Teacher You Can Be

yoga-for-soulI am not a yoga teacher. But I do have experiences of knowing lots of yoga instructor. That and my own research made me take a little gist in becoming the best yoga teacher you can be. And it all starts within yourself, yes just like yoga, its starts within you and what you believe in.

Becoming a certified yoga teacher is easy, follow the steps below:

  1. Train for it.
  2. Enroll in an intensive program.
  3. Learn everything.
  4. Take your certificate and say thank you.

But then I know and we all know that just by waving that yoga instructor's certificate doesn't make you the best yoga teacher. And being the best may not be measured by years of practice but by the heart and spirit you put in the endeavor.

Things to Remember For Yoga Teachers

  1. Be a teacher, but know that it's not all about you. Be responsive to the needs of your students. The class doesn't have to be how you can manage every pose but how you can help all of your students improve their selves inch by inch. And your success lies in there.
  2. Balance your ego and your character. Do not be boastful but do not lack the confidence.
  3. Develop your own style. Your style and way of teaching will make you unique among others. This will leave imprint later and will help you be remembered.
  4. Walk your talk. Dedicate yourself to yoga wholeheartedly. DO not do it for monetary reasons alone. Do the teaching because you know you will be changing lives and will be making a difference. Do the teaching because of yoga.
  5. Control space and be punctual always. Be present in a class but do not be too overpowering. Control the class in such a way with respect. Give individual attention. And do not be afraid to point out some points that are distracting the class. But make sure you do it personally and not announce it in the whole class.
  6. Moderate you voice and what you say. Know when it's too loud or too soft. Try to say important things and never babble.
  7. Know when to be silent. Yoga is an offset of serenity and calmness. Give your students the time to be with their selves and hear their own breathing.
  8. Be emphatic and compassionate. It isn't all about yoga and it isn't all about you. It's the overall practice of feeling for your fellow human being. Put yourself in your student's shoes. Try to understand their goals and their struggles. Know them and you will be able to help them.

Things above were due to research, my experience and through asking my yoga friends who were teachers. I am not a pro in this but those things holds true. Remember the way you teach is an expression of who you are. Channel the spirit of yoga, live it and spread its positive benefits to your students. Namaste!

Ada Hung is a yoga enthusiast and the owner of Balini Sports, a sportswear and yoga wear brand. She started doing yoga after she realized she needed some transformation in her life. Right now, she is very happy designing stylish active wear and Bikram yoga clothing and making the most out of her yoga-filled life.

If you have any questions, please ask below!