Strengthen Your Relationship with Yoga – Here’s How!

Yoga is defined as a system of exercises that are designed to promote control of the mind and body. So it’s no surprise that by doing yoga as a couple, you can deepen your relationship with your spouse.

Exercising with your spouse can boost your confidence and do wonders for your health. It can also be beneficial for your romantic connection. Just like marriage courses, yoga can help you learn compassion, strengthen intimacy, and help you set shared goals with your partner.

Partner yoga is a fun and sexy way to strengthen your relationship. Here are 5 couple’s poses that will strengthen your marriage (and your muscles!) and how you can benefit from marriage courses and meditations.

  1. Boat Pose

Sit across from your spouse with your back straight and your knees bent. Sit close enough so that you can extend your arms and hold hands with your spouse. While holding hands, extend your legs into the air and touch your feet to your spouses, as though you were making a steeple with your legs.

Hold the pose for as long as is comfortable and feel it strengthen your core – and your relationship!

  1. Seated Spinal Twist

For this post, you and your partner will sit back to back. Each of you will then twist to the right or left from the base of your spine so that your bodies are turning together. Keep your right hand on your partner’s thigh as you turn. This will help keep you connected as you move.

  1. Back to Back Shoulder Stretch

Any marriage course will tell you that setting goals are important for couples. But before you can set big yoga goals, it’s good to start with something a little easier. That is where the back to back shoulder stretch comes into play.

To do this simple post, stand back to back with your spouse and extend your arms into a “T” position. Interlock your hands/fingers with one another and gently pull each other’s palms so that you are creating a stretching effect. This position is sure to build intimacy.

  1. Centering

Research shows that expressions of appreciation were one of the highest predictors of relationship satisfaction and commitment.

Centering is a great position for building emotional intimacy and vulnerability with your spouse. Sit face to face with your legs crossed. Put your hands on each other’s knees and straighten your backs. Stare deep into each other’s eyes, boost your connection, and think of all the things you appreciate about your partner.

Working out together and practicing mindful meditation helps you stay grateful to your partner.

  1. Flying Warrior

Remember when you were little and you would play “helicopter” with your parents? That is what the flying warrior couple’s pose is all about.

Imagine your spouse on their back with their arms and legs extended (knees slightly bent) into the air while you are balancing on their palms and feet. You will be horizontal in the air, balancing your hips on your spouse’s feet and going palm to palm so that you are in the air like a “helicopter”.

The flying warrior pose is great for improving balance and requires plenty of trust for both partners.

Other Benefits of Doing Yoga with your Partner

Doing yoga is about more than just stretching and posing with the one you love. It’s a way to connect on a deeper level and truly make the most of your relationship. Here are just some of the many ways that yoga is beneficial for your love life.

It boosts emotional intimacy: Yoga is a form of intimacy that you share with your partner. This is amazing for your relationship since the oxytocin released during partner-intimacy has been shown to improve your health, enhance holistic thinking and creative thought, and improve trust.

Helps you workout harder:Studies show that harder your spouse works out, the more you’ll make of your own exercise routine! The Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology reveals that working out with a more experienced partner will increase your efforts by up to 24 percent.

Working out as a couple has also been shown to double your workout time.

Gives you something to celebrate: Marriage courses can teach you and your spouse to set fitness goals (as well as other goals for your marriage) and stick to them. Not only does this help you work together as a team and practice cooperation, but it also gives you a chance to celebrate. This is beneficial for your relationship because studies show that couples who celebrate together are happier than those who don’t.

Improves your health: There is no doubt that, like a good marriage course, yoga is beneficial for your health. Not only can it help you tone up, increase your strength, and help you lose weight, but studies have also shown yoga reduces anxiety and depression.

Renews relationship focus: There is no shortage of research on how cellphones can damage your romantic relationship. Not only does staying glued to your cellphone lower marital satisfaction, but it also increases depression and worsens your mental health.

The good news is that by doing yoga together as a couple, you are centering your cores – and your minds! You’re focusing on your breathing, your positioning, and your partner.

You can use this time to mindfully meditate on your marriage. Taking an online marriage course can give you plenty of beneficial topics to meditate on, such as setting goals as a team and learning how to communicate on a deeper level.

Doing yoga with your partner is a great way to stretch your muscles while strengthening your relationship. Practicing your poses can help build exciting sexual tension, deepen your emotional intimacy, and teach you to trust and rely on your partner. Yoga is also a great opportunity to communicate and meditate with your spouse about the lessons you learned in your marriage courses.

If you have any questions, please ask below!