Custom Built Yoga Apps – The Newest Trend with Yoga Studios

With yoga emerging as one of the most popular exercises out there today, yoga studios have been popping up all over the country. For those looking to join a yoga studio, the options have suddenly become rather vast. So, what’s a yoga studio to do in order to set itself apart from the competition? How about offer their members a hot new app that they can use that will help to enhance their overall experience.


Branded Mobile Apps – Value Added Service for Users

The idea of a branded mobile app is to obviously provide the users with a service that is useful and needed. Of course, the app itself is branded, which helps to build the company’s profile and image. By offering members a branded app they can use on the go, it can help to push a yoga studio past its competition, allowing it to stand out. Members have this added value that they are getting through this particular studio, in other words – more bang for their buck.

Create an App in Mere Minutes

What is making these custom-branded apps even more attractive is the fact business/gym/studio owners can make use of professional tools, design widgets, and templates, so quality is ensured. One of the companies that is exceling in this area is iBuildApp. Businesses interested in creating an app can check out some of the best free fitness apps at iBuildApp that can be branded and customized.

The way it works is that a studio owner, or gym owner, can essentially browse through a list of app templates. From there they can work to create their very own app that will be available to their members. The process has been designed to be quick and easy, with no tech experience needed. Within minutes that business owner can create and then publish a high-quality app for the Android or Apple store.

An app offers a company an excellent opportunity to provide their customers with tools that enhance the company’s products or services. For instance, the app may allow members to book classes, training sessions, see the gym hours, purchase a membership; even get tips and advice.

Apps Aren’t Just for Big Businesses

Where it used to be that apps were reserved for big companies and businesses as a way to promote and offer their products and services, today it’s important that companies of all sizes look into the benefits of a branded mobile app. It’s a direct marketing channel straight to the consumer/client that is available to them 24/7.

Think about it, these apps make it possible for members to engage with the yoga studio, and get answers even if the studio itself happens to be closed. An app is never closed, it’s always there offering the information and tools users are looking for.

Marketing is Still Important

Of course, in order for any app to be successful it needs to be marketed correctly. Existing yoga studios already have an advantage in this regard as they can tell their members about it during classes, and they can also advertise it on their Facebook and Twitter pages. However, if you take the time to do some SEO on your app description and also create a website, or optimized landing page, to accompany your app, you may be able to attract new customers who then attend your yoga classes.

It’s a good idea to reach out to local newspapers and local directory websites and talk about your app on there, as well as on local forums and social media pages. All of these will further help with promotion.

Expect the Trend to Continue

One thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that this trend of yoga studios offering their own branded, customized apps to its members is sure to continue, and even grow as more and more offerings are presented in a digital means.

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