Why Leave House When You Can Stay Fit Indoors?

Stay Fit IndoorsPeople make this inevitable mistake of presuming gym as the abode of attaining a fit body, wherein in reality, it is your home where you can do everything without spending a dime. It only needs a little observation and a lot of determination and discipline. On second thoughts, you will require this anywhere. So why not start it from your home.

Just go through the list below, I am sure you will be able to do them easily:

Sounds like boring. Celebrities swear by the benefits of this exercise. Use your idiot box, there are plenty of health experts teaching the right technique to do them. And you need not do them every day. Just 3 days in a week and you will be doing your heart a big favor. This exercise is good for the cardiovascular system, raises the heartbeat and increases blood circulation in the body. It burns fat, amazingly. If your pocket allows you, invest in a good cardio machine or use whatever is available at home.

Jumping Rope
Just relive your childhood once again. Take a rope, look for some open space and start jumping with the rope. It will work on your wrists foremost, apart from raising the body temperature, ensuring blood flow to all the parts of the body. You can add different variations to it so that boredom doesn’t creep in. You can also ask someone to join in, having a partner is a good idea to get fit faster.

Functional Body Weight Exercises
These are basic exercises and can be done by one and all.
You can warm up your body for 5 minutes with static jogging, this is important!
Stretching – standing hip flexor stretches or rotating hamstring exercises or arm circles for 5 minutes
Follow this up with push-ups, sit-ups, walking lunges and squats for 10 minutes. These body weight exercises are a combination of cardio and strength training. The power of any two will help you build muscle and lend benefits equivalent to muscle building supplements. Burns a lot of calories, making you slimmer and builds functional strength, hence called functional body weight exercises.
Cool down static stretching for 5 minutes

This ancient Indian art of healthy living is popular for a good many reasons. It is not workout routine, but a healthy living mantra. No other workout routine can motivate you to eat healthy the way yoga does. You will see the changes within a few days of practising it. Also, you don’t need a guru, you can watch a lot of videos, learn the breathing techniques which is indeed very important in yoga and just get going. A combination of pranayama (specific breathing exercises) and yogasanas (exercises). You gain flexibility, stamina, a new vitality and positive energy. What else do you gain? You can lose weight, even gain, if you want. You can do it anywhere without bothering about a fancy equipment – home, office or garden.

What Else Can You Do To Become Fit Quickly?
Well, there are a lot of supplements available to gain the results you would want to. Though there are many bodybuilding supplements, but we would suggest you to combine it with some form of exercise to become fit and lead a healthy life.


If you have any questions, please ask below!