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List of New Fitness Gadgets in 2013

fitness-gadgetsFitness gadgets have taken the average workout and turned them into super workouts over the years and this year is no exception. Bigger, better, faster, more advanced, smaller and smarter, the new fitness gadgets for 2013 can do just about everything - except the workout, for you, helping you set goals, meet them, manage your workouts and your progress, ensuring that you reach your fitness goals for 2013 in record time. Here are our top 8 picks of gadgets that are going to record your every move, measure, track and report back to you when it's time to take a break.

  1. Fitbit Flex

The Fitbit Flex has proved itself to be a hugely popular activity tracker for a broad spectrum of health and fitness activities. And the new flex has tweaked the best bits and added in some extras, for everything you will need. Innovative design means that you are not confined to wearing it clipped on your waistband - and can now wear it on your wrist. You can track the quality of sleep you are getting, how far you have traveled, how many calories you have burned and how many hours of active/sedentary time you have used each day. But, it now also has a handy alarm clock for those who struggle to get up in the morning.

  1. Si14 WearIT

The Si14 WearIT is so much more than just a fitness monitor; it is actually an open Android smart watch. Bringing an entire interface complete with all the compatible health and fitness monitoring devices, which include a pedometer, heart rate monitor and even a GPS, it is a gadget that brings you everything from gaming, wellness monitoring and creativity bringing the user an unparalleled experience.

  1. Mio Alpha

The ultimate cardio companion, the Mio Alpha finally brings use cardio junkies something we can celebrate. Cutting edge, unobtrusive, precision monitoring and intensely high performance - the Mio Alpha has the ability to maintain precision accuracy during high speeds - ideal for cyclists. There is no chest strap and the comfort line silicone wrist band means you won't even know it's there. There is no question; the Mio is going to transform the way you train.

  1. Body Media CORE 2

Body Media CORE 2 is the ultimate health and fitness tracker, which keeps an eye on your every single move and process minute by minute. The high tech armband is able to capture and process some 5000 points of data every minute. But it is now super funky, and you can interchange the band with any of the personalized bands and straps for a totally unique and individual look. With the Body Media CORE 2 appearing to be more of a fashion accessory than a fitness tracker, you will be more inclined to wear it than leave in your draw.

  1. iRiver On Headset

Get ready to get your run on; the iRiver On Headset will change your life if you are a runner. No more back pack to carry a phone in case of emergencies, no more straps and cords for heart rate monitors, ipods or earphones that jiggle and distort as you hit those hill climbs and you don't have to leave the house strapped up to a multitude of gadgets looking like Robo-runner. The iRiver is able to connect via Bluetooth to iOS while measuring heart rate, speed and distance travelled as well as oxygen consumed. The collar also eliminates earphone shift and jostle and it works for making calls. Now you can just focus on getting in the zone and less about everything that is moving all over the place.

  1. HAPIfork

90% of successful health and fitness regimes is eating healthy foods and making good food choices. Often we are so distracted during meal times or focused on a conversation, a phone that won't stop ringing or constant interruptions that we end up eating too fast or eating too much. The HAPIfork will help you out by measuring and recording the time of day you ate, how many forkfuls it took to finish the meal and will alert you if you are eating like it's a race.

  1. APEX HD+ Ski Goggles

The Apex HD+ goggles are finally doing away with the need to mount camera and recording devices to ski goggles to record your best runs. The goggles come standard with a built in HD camera which is located in the bridge of the goggles - so you won't miss a thing when recording. It can be controlled using iOS or Android via WiFi. You can stop and start the recording as you wish and you get to see what you are recording live.

  1. GeoPalz iBitz

Good health and fitness habits start when you are young and when it comes to gadgets, you can be sure that the kids are not left out at all. The compact health monitor comes in all sorts of exciting colors - perfect for the whole family. They also hook up to your tablet or phone and you can access various apps, games and motivate each other. It tracks steps, history, weight, calories and distance with loads of interactive apps.

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