A Beginner’s Guide on Core Workouts for a Tight Midsection

Need a great guide to strong muscular core? Then you’ve got it here. For a beginner I have picked a core workout that is not only simple and fun but also helps you achieve your goal. For this workout, all you require is a well-equipped gym and a great trainer. This core workout consists only four simple procedures.

Your heart and diet should always be your first priority in all exercises whether minor or major. It is therefore advisable that you begin with a warm up for about 5 minutes. The warm ups can be anything depending on your preferences, a jog maybe. Ensure you have your cardio equipment so that you have a close follow up on your heart’s condition. About the diet, I’d advise that you eat mainly protein rich food after a workout so that your muscles can repair and have enough glycogen to help them grow. So let’s begin the drill!

The first procedure is called decline crunch whereby you secure your legs at the end of a decline bench and lie down, hold the back of your head with both hands and slowly move your head towards your knee and then move your head slowly backwards until you lie straight on the bench. Repeat decline crunch a number of times as long as you don’t overdo it.

The next exercise is dumbbell side bend. This is done when you are standing up straight as you hold a dumbbell in your right hand while your left hand holds your waist then inhale as you bend far towards your left at waist level, hold for a second then return to your upright position as you exhale. Switch hands and repeat the same procedure as per your instructor.


Exercise ball crunch is the next exercise. You will use a ball and it is actually the fun part of this core workout. First, you lie on the ball with your curved part of your back touching the ball and your legs bent at the knees with feet firmly pressed against the floor. Lower your upper trunk such that it stretches with your arms crossed on top of your chest but you should not move your neck. Without moving your hips, flex your waist as you exhale until you feel a contraction in your abdominal muscles which you should hold for a second then return to starting position as your inhale. This procedure, like the others should be repeated severally.

Ball crunch

The final procedure for your exercise is known as flat bench leg pull-in. This is pretty easy because you just need a flat surface, it can be on the floor or on a bench. You begin by lying flat with both your arms by the sides and legs extended. As you exhale, bend your knees and pull your thighs towards the abdomen until you feel a contraction, hold it for a second and then return to starting position. You should do this repeatedly as instructed by your trainer.

As you perform these exercises, please keep in mind that overdoing it could do you more harm than good. It is best to do only what your body can handle. You should also allow your body time to repair and heal by having a proper workout schedule, which is flexible between your trainer and yourself. This will prevent future injury and give you less chances of getting the overtraining syndrome. Eventually, your body will adjust to more complex workouts with progressive training and your goals will be achieved.

In conclusion, I thought you should know the benefits of having a tight midsection. If you are a guy, a tight midsection will enhance your appearance thus making you attractive and it will also increase your performance in your day to day activities. As a lady, with a tight midsection, I bet all the amazing dresses will look good on you!


If you have any questions, please ask below!