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General Bodybuilding Principles

bodybuilding-principlesIn the following rows you learn more about general bodybuilding principles for a great workout.


As a beginner, you need the foundation on which to build your muscle. During the first weeks you need to strengthen your body to accommodate with weights. You must follow the routines and never combine weight training with non-weight training at this time. The role of these routines is to build the body’s foundation for what will follow.

Have a common sense

In other words pay attention to your safety while training. Use strong chairs, bars and stable benches. As good as equipment is, common sense insures against accidents and other kind of possible injuries.

Avoid over-training
A maximum 3 to 4 times a week is recommended to achieve the best results. Training more can lead to over-training that in long term translates to no more muscle gain and even muscle loss. Physique champions recommend to not attend the gym more than 3 times every week but you can do other activities like swimming, jogging or playing games like tennis or football.

Adequate training schedule and routines

Training properly, sleeping well and eating the most adequate food-the so-called clean food rich in proteins and low fat-not only helps with muscle gain but gives the entire body and face a younger and healthier appearance; in brief-you get more confidence.

Everyone has his/her own rhythm for training but, in general, the faster you train, the better it is. Of course it depends on your purpose; for gaining muscle mass recommended is max 6-7 reps with heavier weights while for muscle definition or fat burn, 10 up to 12 reps is ok. It is very important to train at a pace and make the workout comfortable for you while following a routine. Rest between exercises and get your wind after each exercise.


The main purpose of any workout is to keep the muscles warm as much as possible. Avoid swimsuits and wear clothes allowing you to perform correct movements for a good exercise.


In case you are a newbie, carefully read the instructions as shown on the illustration on each device. Perform the exercises slowly and in a controlled manner, at pace, with a steady and quick movements and, very important-avoid bouncing! For advanced folks, an adequate workout, following the basic principles is also recommended.

Sets and Reps

Reps means repetitions and a rep means a cycle of an exercise (one complete movement). For instance, for a push-up, a rep is considered the motion of lifting off the floor and lowering the body back down. A set means a group of repetitions, in other words, a set means 8 reps. Sets have to be spaced apart to allow you get your wind and rest. As a general rule, reps and sets should be performed at pace.


Muscle soreness appears in any workout, especially if you are a beginner or did not train for long. It lasts 2-3 days then the soreness disappears.

Workout regularly

Low-energy days happen. Think positive and go to the gym no matter what. But if happens you are ill or you are forced to miss the gym, don’t worry-pick up where you left.


One of the most important aspects for a bodybuilder, either beginner, intermediate or advanced is a proper nutrition. But what a proper nutrition actually mans? The answer-no junk foods (no sugary cereals, no white bread, potatoes or any other foods with high glycemic index). Your diet must consist of clean food-low in sugars but rich in proteins (fast acting whey protein, protein from meat or slow acting soy protein) and good fats (unsaturated fats from peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc…). A healthy diet helps with losing unwanted fat and muscle gain by activating the body’s own HGH (human growth hormone) while training. Even though HGH is naturally released in the body during the first 3 hours of sleep (REM sleep) a bodybuilder needs more HGH released so a proper diet along with supplements we’ll discuss below can help.


Supplementing your diet is very important. By adding the fast-acting whey protein to your diet before and after the workout with an adequate amount of carbohydrates you help the muscle growth. The soy protein is recommended in the evening because it is a slow-acting protein. Additionally you can add some creatine and BCAAs to your diet along with HGH releasers (arginine, glutamine and ornithine). HGH releasers can be taken on an empty stomach either in the morning, in the evening or pre-workout. Don’t eat at least one hour before and after you take any of these HGH releasers.

Rest and sleep

Rest and good sleep are 2 important factors for quality muscle gains. Everytime you train the muscle cells are broken down so your body needs the time to repair them and increase the muscle size. Sleep is also very important for normal HGH release (it is recommended to sleep between these hours: 11PM and 2AM). More natural HGH released in your body translates to bigger muscle gains.


Hygiene is a very important aspect of the training session. After a workout, a shower not only gives you the chance to relax but keeps clean. A shower at least once a day is recommended or 2 times day in hot summer days.

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