The Various Types Of Dental Professionals In The Las Vegas Area

cwdfcerfeGoing to the dentist should be an easy process. However, nowadays, there seems to be a variety of dentists for a large number of dental needs. If you are not familiar with each specific dentist group, finding a dentist may become an overwhelming and tedious process.

Many Las Vegas residents see dental offices located all throughout the city. If you are looking to have work done on your pearly whites, you can probably find a dependable dentist that specializes in exactly what you need. First, simply decide on the goals you hope to accomplish by seeing a dentist then do a little research to see what’s your best options are.

For those searching for a dentist in Las Vegas, there are several types of dentists that you may want to review:

General Dentist – A general dentist is often called a primary care dental provider. This type of dentist can diagnose, treat and manage your general oral health essentials. A general dentist often schedule teeth cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canals and gum care. Your general dentist can also help with preventative measures and maintenance education.

Pediatric Dentist – From infancy through teen years, a child will visit a pediatric dentist for dental needs. Similar to general dentistry, a pediatric dentist specializes in the caring a child’s teeth, mouth and gums. Surprising to many, children should start seeing a pediatric dentist around their first birthday and proceed with a check-up every six months.

Orthodontist – Those searching for an orthodontist typically need a dentist that deals with facial and dental irregularities, such as bad bites, teeth alignment and corrective braces. Orthodontists usually see patients of all ages, including children, teens and adults. This treatment is helps in strengthening teeth and improving bite by realigning teeth and jaw line up. Orthodontists use braces, trays (also known as aligners), and other appliances — such as headgear to do this alignment. People with prominent teeth damage can go for this treatment.

Endodontist – Root canals are a popular dental treatment and require an experienced dental professional. In fact, 15 million root canals are performed annually in the United States. An endodontist specializes in the complex techniques for treating root canals and also studies the diagnosis and treatment of advanced root canal cases.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon – Also referred to as OMS or OMFS, this type of dentistry professional specializes in treating many diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, face and jaws as well as the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, jaws and facial regions. This is internationally known surgery treatment and in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden and Israel, it is known as specialty treatment.

Periodontist – A periodontist is a dentist that treats periodontal disease, oral inflammation and also places dental implants in the mouth. Apart from treating implants and problematic gum issues, a Periodontist also does scaling and root planing or root surface debridement. If you are looking for a periodontist in Las Vegas, be sure to find one that is experienced and dependable.

Prosthodontist – Prosthodontics is a dental field that pertains to the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and maintenance of the functionality, feel, look and health of patients with conditions caused by missing or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues. Basically this is a multi-disciplinary treatment that involves oral & maxillofacial surgeons, plastic surgeons, head and neck surgeons, ENT doctors, oncologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and many other medical specialists.

Emergency Dental Care – Similar to visiting a hospital, Las Vegas residents have access to emergency dental care. Any stress to the mouth that might initiate bleeding and lacerations to the gums as well as dislocate or fracture teeth may require immediate medical attention. If you cannot wait to see your general dentist, emergency dental care may be the best choice.

There are many excellent dentists in the Las Vegas area. Now you can find the best one that suits your dental needs.

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