The Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery

Overview of Obesity Surgery

Obesity has been a disturbing condition, which can bring in a number of chronic ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart issues. in order to prevent these ailments one needs to get rid of the extra weight. It can be reduced with a number of non surgical options, however, when all the options like dieting and exercises fail, one heads for a weight loss or obesity surgery. There are different types of weight loss surgery, which can help in reducing the weight; however, all these are known to have their own pros and cons. How about checking them as under:

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

The basic benefit of weight loss surgery is very much simple, which is nothing but weight loss. All the types of obesity surgery is known to give a number of benefits, which include keeping away from a number of ailments like diabetes, severe arthritis, obstructive sleep apnoea and high BP. As per reports, more than 90 percent in US alone are seen having obesity issues due to improper lifestyle. Some studies also indicate that equal amount of people are seen having various weight loss surgeries. The key benefits to have weight loss surgery are to avert all the health related ailments.

Risks of Weight Loss Surgery

Unlike any other surgery, the weight loss surgery is also known to have certain risks. A small amount of people are seen having complications after it. Generally the problems that come in the form of risk are often unpleasant ones and it can cause some amount of pain and discomfort or would need additional surgeries in case the result is not optimum. Some of the risks after the surgery include diarrhea, wound infections and abdominal hernia. There are also certain serious kinds of complications, which come along in the form of blood clot inside the lungs, leaks in the new gut connections, bleeding stomach ulcers and even heart attacks.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

It was developed in the early sixties, which essentially divided into two categories. The first stomach collects the food and it is connected to the lower portion of the small intestine, while the second stomach only function to simply create digestive fluids that passes over the small intestine that helps in digesting the food. With creating small stomach, the person simply feels very much fuller faster and then some amount of digestive system is seen skipping a small quantity of calories that is absorbed from the food.

  • Pros: This kind of weight loss surgery often leads to the fastest and the most dramatic kind of results. It has the potential to reduce 50 percent of the total weight loss and keep the result for a longer haul. The recovery after the surgery is fast, which means you can resume your normal life soon.
  • Cons: As the food is seen going via the digestive tract, one runs the risk of absorbing enough amount of nutrients. You have fewer amounts of calories going inside your body which can give deficiency in the form of vitamins, iron and calcium. Further this can surgery can have certain infections in the form of clots.

Gastric Banding

This weight loss surgery is an inflatable band, which is surgically placed over the stomach, which can ostensibly create a small size upper stomach over the larger lower one. With the small size upper stomach seen slowly passing the food can help in passing the food via a small stomach that gives small food intake thus reduces the weight.

  • Pros: Unlike any surgical procedure, gastric bypass is also a simple procedure to consider, which is also reversible. It is safer surgery procedure, which come along with faster recovery. There are some amount of customization possible with this procedure as the band used in the surgery can be loosened and tighten with the help o injection or via removing the saline from the band by your doctor.
  • Cons: As compared to the gastric bypass procedure, the weight loss simply tends to take more time. This simply means that the weight related afflictions can remain on a longer run after the surgery. There is also a good amount of risks involved with this surgery, which include extreme pain and injection that can demand for a further surgery.

Gastric Sleeve

The procedure of gastric sleeve simply deals with removing three quarter of the stomach which ends up making it a sleeve size small. It then connects the esophagus to the small intestine. It has its own pros and cons, which are as under.

  • Pros: It is perfect for people with other ailments. It has least amount of complications and infections and lastly the result gained for the weight loss is very much effective as compared to the other procedures.
  • Cons: Talking about the cons, it is non reversible since a good amount of stomach is removed that makes it irreversible. At times one can have certain infections while with poor lifestyle one can develop the same old weight that may need another surgery.


The weight loss surgery is needed when all the non surgical options fail. The above are some of the types of obesity surgery along with its pros and cons.

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