Cognitive Enhancers and Smart Pills Gain Popularity among Women [Press Release]

cognitive-enhancementSmart Pill Guide has shared the latest trends in the cognitive enhancers market, which reveals that almost half the buyers are now women. This is a shift in trends seen over the past 3 to 4 years.

Smart Pill Guide, a trusted online source for information on nootropic formulations and product reviews, has stated that the cognitive enhancers market is seeing a rise in the number of women looking for smart pills. This is a clear indication of how universally popular brain pills are actually becoming.

Market analysts at Smart Pill Guide elaborate that up until about 3 to 4 years ago; cognitive enhancers were primarily purchased by males. Today, the tables have completely turned. In fact, 45% of the sales of nootropic formulations can now be attributed to women seeking ways to gain a competitive edge at the workplace.

Owing to the fact that these smart pills are safe for consumption on a long term basis, many who had been relying to prescription medication to addressing problems like ADD are now switching to these dietary supplements. In fact, students and their parents are now bypassing doctors’ prescriptions and replacing prescription medications with nootropic formulations, especially since prescription medications has been associated with dependency and addiction.

An exponential growth of forums and groups online is also being witnessed. Clearly, more and more people are now taking an interest in enhancing their cognitive skills and functions beyond the normal limit with the aid of these smart brain enhancers.

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