Different Types of Psychoanalytic Techniques

Mind is the most important part of the human personality and it has three parts that plays essential role in the life of any person. The parts of the mind are: conscious, subconscious and no conscious mind. The conscious mind is the part that where the current events and thoughts are stored and processed, the subconscious part has the memories of the thoughts and incidents happened in the past and the unconscious mind is the part where the memories of very old incidents, the reactions of the old incidents are stored. The thoughts and the memories stored in the unconscious mind is the reason for the most of the things happen in the personality of a person. The personality of person that consists of character nature and the behavior of a person are impacted by the unconscious mind. The psychoanalysis is the technique that deals with the unconscious mind of a person to regulate their personality to be sound and prosperous. To know about this you can click here to see the details of psychoanalysis.


Steps in psychoanalytic technique

There are different steps in psychoanalysis and these steps are used to treat the trauma and mental disorders. The steps involved in this technique are:

Ink blots

Ink blot will be shown to the person for whom the analysis is done, when the person sees the ink blot he or she will immediately connect with some memories stored in the unconscious mind and will start to explain that. Actually there is nothing in the ink blot but after repeated tests Freud has invented that many persons have immediately started to speak about their old memories when they see the inkblot which depicts nothing.

Freud Slips

This is nothing but the slip of tongue happening when the person explains about the incidents happen in their life. The slip actually is believed to be an insight to the unconscious mind from which the person speaks out.

Free association

It is the technique in which the doctor allows the person to speak freely and listens to the words he or she uses like the frequency of repeated words the emotion or the reaction given by the patient during the explanation.


Dream analysis

The analysis done from the dream happened to the patient and when the dream is explained the doctor analyzes what kind of dream it is and how the patient relates the dream with the memories stored in the unconscious mind.

These are the steps used by Freud to treat the personality of the person and help the person to get emotional balance and stability. The mind stability of the person keeps the person positive and confident. The patients who suffer from the mental disorder require confidence in different aspects of the life and the confidence comes through realizing the real identity of the personality of the average person.

Phobias, fears, shock and traumas has to be treated with the psychoanalysis technique to helps the person to get delivered from all of these disorders and become free. The peace of mind, courage and boldness about the life will manifest in their life if the person co-operates for the treatment.

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