Benefits of an Adjustable Gastric Balloon

According to a study by the American Cancer Society, obesity expands the risk of a person getting a minimum of thirteen types of cancer. The research also revealed that bad nutrition, excessive alcohol, lack of exercise, and body fat added to one of every five cases of cancer.

Becoming more fit and losing some weight has a powerful effect on your overall health. The more you shed excess body fat, the more you lessen the danger of deadly medical problems.

If all hope is lost in a bid to fight obesity, theadjustable gastric balloonhas been known to solve this health problem. Keep reading to find out how it would help you.

What is an Adjustable gastric balloon ?

A gastric balloon is an inflatable clinical tool that is briefly positioned into the stomach to reduce excessive weight. Also known as the intragastric, this medical device was built to assist in combating obesity after other measures (like exercise and diet) failed. This method of losing weight does not require any surgery.

This is how a gastric balloon helps you shed a good deal of pounds – it leaves less room in your stomach and makes you feel full quicker. It is typical to lose between eight and sixteen percent of body weight within six months of placement. In an excessive range, you can expect to lose up to forty-five percent.

An adjustable gastric balloon may be needed if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is close to 38 and above. You also need this stomach balloon if you want to focus more on living a healthy life or partake in behavioral therapy. You can also try it if you haven’t had any stomach or esophageal surgery in the past.

Adjustable Gastric Balloon Advantages

Also, a review by Harvard revealed that obesity could build up the dangers of fifty distinct medical conditions. Risks depend on the level of obesity as well as the period an individual has it. The risk of having diabetes, for instance, is very high if you are overweight – at least twenty times higher. The adjustable gastric balloon comes with great benefits.

  • Treats extreme obesity

If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is above fifty and can’t go through an obtrusive surgery procedure because of ailments, this method will help you. The medical device can be used to shed some underlying weight to meet all requirements for sleeve surgery or gastric bypass.

The stomach balloon also helps ease other medical issues which are associated with obesity – the likes of hypertension, diabetes, and coronary diseases. Using the balloon will encourage a secure and easier gastric bypass surgery in the future.

  • Minimum side effects

This method of losing weight has only a few side effects. To date, having complications by inserting an adjustable gastric balloon is very rare. It is a safe procedure.

The few side effects after the setup may include some pain. Nausea may also occur, only for a day.

  • Great results

You will get real weight loss results from a gastric balloon session. There is always a big difference in weight reduction after gastric inflatables are used on most patients for six months.

By and large, patients lose between 20 and 50 pounds, according to initial weight. After removing the inflatable, patients can keep shedding more pounds if they continue with better eating regimens and exercise schedules.

  • No surgery

Using the gastric balloon is surgery-free. Then a thin tube that has a silicone balloon is inserted from the throat to the stomach. At this point, the specialist directs an endoscope through the throat (a little tube with a camera). The silicone balloon is closely observed as it’s been inflated with saline. The tube is removed when the balloon has been sealed. That’s the end of the procedure. The method takes about thirty minutes to complete.

The balloon will remain inside the patient for six months. Accordingly, the gastric balloon will be taken out with an endoscope.


A gastric balloon is a great medical device for losing excessive weight, exercise and diet couldn’t combat. However, this method is safe and cost-effective. The results are also impressive. To discover more, visit Spatz3 for the best adjustable system to weight loss.

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