Tips on How to Keep Your Top Physicians in Your Team

You can’t feel complacent that you have the best physicians in your team. There’s a chance that another company will take them away from you. The demand for physicians will always be high while the supply is low. Therefore, you need to ensure that you keep the best people in your team.

Study the needs of your physicians

You need to conduct a survey to determine what these doctors need. You can also set up an opportunity where these physicians can voice their concerns without fears from the management. You want to know the other ways for you to convince them to stay while you still have a chance of changing their minds.

Offer opportunities for improvement

Physicians aren’t only after the financial reward of the job. They also want to improve in their chosen profession. Therefore, it’s important for them to have avenues for improvement. Seminars, special classes, and workshops are a good way for them to learn more. The hospital will also benefit from the knowledge obtained by these physicians through various methods. You can support them if they tell you about their plans to learn.

Improve work conditions

The hospital is a stressful environment. Several people even end up dying each day. The least you can do is to make the place somewhat tolerable for medical professionals. Avoid giving them a lot of paperwork to do when you can hire someone else to do the job. Allow them to focus only on their task related to the profession. You also need to train your HR team to think of ways to help create a better work environment.

Partner with recruitment firms

You try your best to keep the best people in your team. However, if you still end up losing them, you want to make it easy to find a replacement. Choosing a recruitment firm like would be a good thing. You can immediately find someone to do the job instead of leaving everyone hanging. You could also overburden the remaining employees if your team is understaffed.

Make human connections

You have to find an opportunity where the medical team can freely express themselves. It’s unfortunate that most of them have to take the burden because someone left the group. Sometimes, doctors need to share their feelings without getting judged.

Study the salary range offered by other hospitals nearby

Let’s face it, physicians spent a lot of time to study their field and also spent a lot of money to finish their medical degree. They want to get a job that allows them to get back whatever they invested. Therefore, if they receive an offer that increases their chances of earning more, they will grab it. You need to know how much other medical facilities offer their physicians so you won’t get left behind.

You don’t want to lose any of your top physicians, and you need to strengthen your team through these tips.

What patients should consider when choosing a good doctor

In the infographic below we compiled a list with the main points patients have to look for when choosing a good doctor (a surgeon).

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