5 Reasons Why Drug Rehab is a Waste of Time

ftegtrgrtegOver the years with more and more drugs and narcotics being present in the streets, rehab has become somewhat of a luxury service. Let us all go back to the beginning of 2017 to understand the extent and reach of drugs, and their legitimization, that has taken place over the years. Do you all remember the much talked about incident where delinquents messed with the iconic Hollywood sign in California and made it ‘Hollyweed’? If that doesn’t talk about the drug addiction many are under, I don’t know what does. So much so, that in some parts of the United States, California being a prime example, softer drugs such as marijuana are legal to a large extent.

In the midst of this, rehab business is thriving with the facilities extorting large amounts of money from addicts and their families to rid the prior of their affliction. However, for many, rehab doesn’t work. In fact, actual academic studies have been conducted on addicts who relapse after rehab.

Here are a few reasons why it doesn’t work:

1. The cure comes from within

Just as an addiction not only makes one physically dependent on drugs or other intoxicants but also affects one’s mind, one’s emotions and stability, the cure for it must also come from within. One should want to be cured to actually be cured. Addicts often fear the withdrawals and can’t imagine their lives without the intoxicant of choice, which is why, more often than not, rehab doesn’t work.

2. Using drugs to get rid of drugs

Medication is a big part of rehab. Heavy medicines and drugs are used to treat addicts of their addiction. These drugs, again, create a sort of a dependence between the addicts and the drugs. It’s a vicious cycle, and getting out of it is a miracle.

3. No individual attention is given

According to experts at RR, a directory of rehab centers, Rehabs are now fully commercialized businesses. Their ability to charge large sums of money to flush one’s system of toxins and rid one of the affliction has made it a very lucrative business, bringing in a lot of addicts to rehabs. The rehab officials and workers, as well as qualified individuals, are few in comparison with the ones they have to tend to, which is why, more often than not, the attention that addicts need is fluked upon by the rehab people.

4. The patients don’t want to be cured

For those who are addicted to some narcotic or intoxicant, they are a welcome solace they often seek. There is a reason they are addicts. They love being addicts. They love the high they are given and the feeling they get when they ingest their choice of intoxicant. This is what makes the work of rehab ever so hard. Addicts don’t want to be fixed.

If Hollywood movies are no indication, it is very rare that addicts willingly go to seek help from rehabs and more often than not, it is for their loved ones or other important people that they seek help. Refer to the first point to know why this is inherently flawed and why this is why rehab doesn’t work for such people.

5. The follow up is terrible

Even if addicts successfully complete a term at the rehab and are free of the drug or intoxicant and its addiction, follow up is increasingly important. Especially now, with the increased availability of intoxicants on the streets, rehabs need to check up on past clients and employ proper sponsors for them so as to actually ensure their treatment having a positive outcome.

Is there any solution?


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  1. Once a junkie, always a junkie.

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