4 Things to Heep in Mind Before Going for a Mortuary Cot Purchase

navy-blue-zipper-cot-pouchGoing for a mortuary cot purchase for your brand new funeral home? There are a few things that you should keep in mind before you close the deal for the good.

In here I have listed them sequentially for your reference. Do take a peek without further ado.

Keep a careful tab on the height of the cot

Mortuary cots might look similar to one another but they do come in different heights. The height factor is dependent entirely on the manufacturers and hence, almost none of them follow some sort of an universal height.

Certain mortuary cots also come with various adjustment features where the users will be able to adjust the height of the cot according to his/her requirements. It’s an useful feature indeed but that feature makes it more expensive over its static counterparts.

So always place a careful tab on the height of the cot that you are going to purchase. It should be convenient enough for you such that you are able to use it with sheer ease and comfort at the time of your job.

Choose the right material

It’s important that you choose a mortuary cot of the right material. Always remember that mortuary cots don’t come a dime a dozen. They are costly. So naturally, you should try to ensure the fact that you pay for what you get.

Okay, now you might ask what’s the best material for a mortuary cot?

Our answer would be simple and straight o the point. The best material is “stainless steel.” It’s robust, sturdy enough to handle a lot of pressure and shock, and can easily withstand water as well since it’s rust proof. Tailor-made for your job, eh? You bet it is.

So always go for a minimum grade of 304 stainless steel mortuary cot for your funeral service.

Check for mobility

A mortuary cot should be a movable cot. That’s because while you are doing your funeral procedures on the corpse at your job, you might be required to shift yourself and the table from one place to another.

So naturally, your table must be movable enough to give you the maximum efficiency. Therefore it’s always advisable to go for the ones that have wheels attached to them. A cot on wheel can make your job easy and convenient.

Mobility you wanted; mobility you’ll get. That’s guaranteed unless the wheels are in poor working conditions. So check for that as well. Are the wheels working fine? If you get a satisfactory answers, go ahead and close the deal with your eyes closed.

Keep a special tab on the tray

Your mortuary cot will have a movable tray at the top of it. That’s the place where the corpse comes in and that’s the very same place where you’ll do your things at the time of your job.

So naturally you should expect the tray to be in an excellent condition for your work purpose. The tray should have several features that are:

  • It should be detachable.
  • It should have perforation at the corners such that the excess liquid can easily escape through the perforations in a jiffy.
  • It should be made from rust-proof materials. Since the tray ahs to come in contact with a wide array of liquid (which includes water as well), a rust proof material is something that’s more than essential in these cases.
  • It should also come with a splash guard.
  • The sides of the tray should be high enough to prevent the corpse from falling over from any side of the cot.
  • The tray should have a light weight for extra convenience. It ensures the fact that it can be removed and cleaned easily whenever it becomes necessary to do it for the job.

So make sure that the tray of your mortuary cot exhibits all these features highlighted above for your benefits.

So that’s it then. We hope you keep these things in mind whenever you see a mortuary cot for sale and are intrigued enough to go for it for your funeral business. With that, we’ll bring this article to an end. Hope you had a good read.

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