List of Vitamins You Should Be Careful with

Some of us are taking supplements almost every day. We always think that vitamins are good as they are just something essential for life. Of course, we all know that vitamin deficit can really hurt you. We all should be in full with vitamins.

The multi-vitamins are the most popular ones in the whole world. You can find them almost everywhere. And everyone thinks that if a small piece of something is good for him, so a little bit more of it can't hurt, or even make you feel netter. However, it is a trap that is very well used by the vitamin and supplements industry.

If you don't have some serious vitamin deficiency, there is no need and use for you to take supplemental vitamins. There is no benefit, actually. And in other way, vitamins can harm you if they are overdosing.

Actually, there are 5 main vitamins you should avoid of taking too much.

1. Vitamin C

Probably, this is the most popular single vitamin. Many fruits and vegetables contain it. Actually, it was not discovered until the 1930s. It was considered as a cure for scurvy. Thanks to Linus Pauling and his book with recommendations for taking mega-doses of C for the prevention of the common cold, it became very popular. But it was wrong, because, actually, Vitamin C doesn't cure colds at all. Although it is very safe, some megadoses of this vitamin like 2000 mg can cause kidney stones. It is really painful.

2. Vitamin A and beta-carotene

The anti-oxidants are A, C and E vitamins. Each of them was promoted as some anti-cancer matters. However, it was not true. It was discovered that those smokers who were taking vitamin A had more tendency to get lung cancer than those who didn't. It is true that vitamin A has a positive influence on your vision, but, at the same time, it can be really toxic in some big doses. There lots of different side effects, actually. Vitamin A poisoning is a big deal actually.

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also treated as some anti-cancer agent. It is also very popular. But the late studying in this field showed that vitamin E increases prostate cancer risk. Overall death risk of those who took vitamin E was bigger too.

4. Vitamin B6

B6 and B12 are also not so fair and good players, actually. They are present in lots of foods, actually. It is very difficult to get the deficit of Bs, due to this fact. B6 can be really harmful in an overdosing case. It is almost impossible to get too much of it from the food. But its supplements taking for a year can cause some serious nerve damage. It is possible to lose your body movement control, because of B6.

5. Multi-vitamins

And for the last is the big one. It is not good for you to take lots of multivitamins with vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, magnesium, zinc, and copper in them. The overall risk of death increased with long-term use of these ones. What can be more terrible that death of the vitamins?

So try to use all these vitamins with your diet only and doctor's recommendations. They can cause you some serious harm, actually. Don't rely on your intuitions, it is not always right. Remember, what is a lot is not always good.


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