The Importance of Vitamins for a Healthy Pregnancy

pregnant-womanPregnancy is an exciting time in a woman's life. Your taste buds may love the idea of a hot dog loaded with mustard and sauerkraut, but the baby growing inside of you may object! Now is the time to re-evaluate your nutritional needs and make sure that both you and your baby are getting what you both need to stay healthy.

The best way to receive the proper vitamins and minerals during pregnancy is to adopt a healthy diet in combination with doctor approved vitamin supplements. Consult with your doctor about what vitamin supplements are best to take during this critical period of your life. The right combination of diet and needed supplements can make all the difference in the world for you and your baby.

What Do Expectant Mothers and Babies Need:

Folic Acid

The importance of Folic Acid prior to pregnancy and during the first weeks of gestation is impossible to exaggerate.

1. Recommended dose prior to pregnancy is 400 micrograms a day.

2. Folic acid prevents the development of neural tube defects that affect the brain and the spinal cord.

3. Natural sources of folic acid can be found in cereals, legumes, green leafy vegetables and citrus fruit.

discount vitaminsVitamin C

Vitamin C is an important anti-oxidant that aids in the development of healthy gums, teeth and bones. This vitamin also increases your body's ability to absorb iron.

1. Recommended dose of Vitamin C is 85 mg. per day.

2. Vitamin C can be found in bell pepper, green beans, tomatoes, strawberries and citrus fruits.

Vitamin A

When it comes to Vitamin A, too much is never a good thing. High levels of this vitamin can be toxic, so err on the side of caution and make sure you aren't overdoing it.

1. Vitamin A can be found naturally in green and yellow vegetables, milk, eggs and spinach.


Riboflavin contributes to the development of healthy skin and eyes.

1. The recommended dosage for Riboflavin is 1.4 mg. a day.

2. Natural food sources for riboflavin are poultry, fish, meat, eggs and fortified cereals.


Niacin is vitally important to the development of a healthy nervous system.

1. The recommended dose is 18 mg. a day.

2. Niacin is found in milk, fish, eggs, peanuts and fortified cereals.


Thiamin is important during pregnancy because it regulates metabolism and energy levels.

1. The recommended dose for Thiamin is 1.4 mg. per day.

2. Thiamin is found in rice, pasta, eggs and nuts.

Vitamin B6

This important vitamin contributes to the healthy development of red blood cells.

1. Recommended dose is 1.9 mg. per day.

2. Can be found in poultry, liver, eggs, bananas, walnuts, peanuts, brown rice and oats.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 contributes to the development of a healthy nervous system.

1. Recommended dose is 2.6 micrograms a day.

2. This vitamin can be found in eggs, milk, meat and fish.


Pregnancy is a time when there is a need for extra iron to help carry oxygen to the red blood cells.

1. Your body requires 27 mg. of iron.

2. Iron can be found in dried fruit, lean meat, green leafy vegetables and nuts.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D keeps bones and teeth healthy by regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body.

1. Recommended dose is 10 micrograms each day.

2. Vitamin D can be found naturally in dairy products and breakfast cereals.

Pregnant mothers can't be expected to eat like they are machines, trying to consume all the vitamins necessary to have a good pregnancy and a healthy baby. Eating a healthy and varied diet is really important, but no one can go it alone. In concert with your doctor, you will come up with a dietary plan and a regimen of important supplements to make this time of your life healthy and happy. Your baby will thank you!

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  1. The right diet for pregnant women is so important for your baby. A healthy pregnancy really begins in your first trimester when you are developing habits and your baby is starting to form. During the first trimester your baby’s major body systems are formed. This means your baby is in need of the best possible nutrients.

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