Libido Boosting Foods That Might Interest You

When it comes to libido, sensitivity around the subject becomes a minefield. Issues with libido are more common than most people think, and it’s not always related to something in a relationship or personal preferences. While a lot of solutions in the market exist, nothing beats the good old method, which is eating certain types of libido-boosting foods. A lot of people don’t realize that libido can cause them a lot of problems, while they may chalk it up to other issues. Determining the root of the problem is essential when it’s coupled with proper food. To help make it easier, we’re listing the most popular libido-boosting foods that you should check out.


There is a good reason why spinach was a favorite of Popeyes’. Spinach contains a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals, but it’s also known for its libido-enhancing powers. Spinach increases the blood flow to your pelvis, including the genital area. The abundance of magnesium in spinach makes it a pretty effective food that battles blood vessel inflammation and improves the overall circulation of blood. Just like Viagra, it helps blood reach extremities, providing men with stronger erections and women with easier orgasms.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate has always been a romantic symbol for any passionate relationship, but it’s more than just an icon. Dark chocolate is known for its capabilities to increase serotonin and dopamine; two very important hormones that regulate body functions and mood, including libido. Stress has a detrimental effect on your libido and this guide explains how it can affect your performance in bed. Fortunately, chocolate can lower your stress, making it easier for your body to function properly, in addition to putting you in a good mood. It’s also believed that cocoa helps blood vessels relax by reducing inflammation, improving the blood circulation to the penis or vagina.

Chili Pepper

The fact that hot foods help blood circulate the body isn’t really unheard of. Chili peppers happen to be one of the most beneficial foods when it comes to libido enhancement. The hotter they come, the better. This doesn’t mean that you should stuff your mouth full of peppers to increase your libido; your tolerance to pepper should increase over time if you use gradual increments in your meals. These peppers work on your metabolism and endorphins, stimulating them quickly, which is why you’ll notice that your body is sweating, coupled with an increased heart rate. Just ensure that you wash your hands and mouth properly to avoid reactions near sensitive body parts.

Green Tea

Green tea is a foundational element in any healthy diet. Its benefits are too numerous to count, but what many people don’t realize is that it can also play an important role in improving your libido. The main ingredient in green tea that is responsible for a whole myriad of benefits, from liver function to blood flow, is called Catechin. It improves blood flow and increases blood vessels’ size by killing free radicals and releasing nitric oxide. Incorporating green tea into your diet will always be to your advantage.


If you’re a person who is always in the mood for something sweet and spicy, you’re in luck because ginger is more than just tasty. Ginger works on arteries and widening the blood vessels, which helps improve blood flow to extremities. Fortunately, those who can’t handle the spiciness of ginger can still consume it effectively because it doesn’t require more than a teaspoon every day or two to see the great enhancing effects of ginger on the heart and libido.


Oysters are quite popular in many countries for their magical libido-boosting capabilities. They are full of zinc, which is a mineral that enhances the testosterone production process in your body. The growth hormone is also augmented, allowing the body to improve muscle growth. Low zinc ratios in the body can also be responsible for fertility issues, which can cause anxiety that halts libido. It has been known to improve erections and help men last longer in bed.


Aside from being a really tasty berry, blueberries have a special effect on the body that helps men maintain stronger erections. According to research done by Harvard University and East Anglia, blueberries reduce the risk of having erectile dysfunctions during sexual encounters. Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoid that’s abundant in blueberries, which is a major element in battling erectile dysfunction.

Those who take the time to research about libido-enhancing foods will find out that there is no shortage of such foods. Fortunately, the majority of these foods are also beneficial for your overall health. Whether the low libido manifests itself physically or mentally, it’s an issue that can be solved like any other.

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