Trio Factors to Fight Obesity

If you are overweight then you are not alone. About two-thirds of the adults in U.S. are overweight or obese. Obese is highly associated with a higher risk of chronic diseases, mobility disability and death. Such risk factors are prevalent in older women that includes, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and sometimes can lead to cancer. A recent research included 36,611 women who were an average of 72 years old. Of the women, 24.8% died, 23.2 % had incident diseases, 14.7% had prevalent diseases, 18.3% had mobility disability and only 19% were classified as healthy.

Fight Obesity

The successful strategies aimed at maintaining a healthy body weight. But let me tell you there is no lose weight overnight strategy. There are different programs to provide impressive results in a relatively short time. The program combines the right diet and exercise to make your lifestyle control your weight. However, medication and fat burning injection are also used to control appetite and enrich metabolism in extreme conditions.

Diet rich in protein can help you fight obesity:

The body has several defence mechanisms against weight loss such as lower energy metabolism, increased hunger or revert back to old habits. If the problem of rebound weight gain did not exist, then obesity would have been relatively easy to treat. Studies have shown that the effect of high protein to fight obesity is incredible. While the majority of the Americans usually consume sufficient protein, however, they tend to eat a small amount of breakfast, moderate amount of lunch and larger amount of dinner. This eating pattern is the primary reason behind weight gain.

Research shows that eating heavy breakfast especially rich in protein such as eggs, sausages, pancakes can significantly improves appetite control and help avoid overeating later in the day. All of the breakfast meals should contain approximately 300 calories and similar quantities of fibre and fat. A protein rich afternoon meal such as lean meat, fish, beans and nuts are an excellent source of protein and do well to tip the balance of your diet and also improve the diet quality.

Exercise, the success factor behind weight loss:

Regular exercise is an important part of your weight loss program. Exercise uses your excess calories that otherwise would be stored as body fat. Physical activities lower insulin levels and boost your metabolism. The body weight is determined by the number of calories you eat each day minus what the body actually uses. Everything you eat has calories and everything you do uses calories such as sleeping, digesting food and breathing. If you add physical activity to what you normally do in your daily life it will help to burn those extra calories.

It does not matter what physical exercises you perform: planned exercise, aerobics, household chores or sports, all are beneficial. To determine the best type of exercise program, you may contact several weight loss centres. In this respect, weight loss, strive to assist you in losing those extra pounds that could eventually shorten your life span. By drawing a perfect diet chart along with workout plan they target towards giving you a good health by losing weight. They can also assist you with the right medication and fat burner injection to control your appetite and enhance your metabolism.

Make your lifestyle control your weight and not vice versa:

The choices and experiences people make impact their life. The choices affect their quality of life. This choice combines what you eat and how you lead your life. Based on this combination it has been found that:

  • Long-term exercises enhance mind/body awareness. It increases the blood flow and helps preserve memory and fight with heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain and osteoporosis
  • A low-calorie diet can help to lose 44 pounds over 12 weeks. Such massive weight reduction improves various obesity-related medical conditions. Low-calorie diet with behavioral therapy will help you to recognize what causes you to overeat so that you can consciously change those behaviors.

Keeping fit is critically important to a healthy lifestyle.

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