Necessity of Personal Hyperbaric Chamber for Athletes – Does it Really Work?

personal hyperbaric chamber

This is an age of collegiate and professional realism. In such an age, the importance of Personal Hyperbaric Chamber for Athletes is immense. With the advancement of time, the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT is emerging as a more prevalent therapy, particularly in the field of sports. Mild Hyperbaric therapy creates an effective way to increase the volume of oxygen in the blood. In this way, it actually increases the helpful impacts of oxygen on the body.

HBOT allows the body to get oxygen whenever it needs to make ATP for gaining energy and remove the lactic acid which is the reason behind muscle fatigue. The increasing oxygen levels help the athletes to better their performances and recover quickly from an injury. Increasing oxygen supply to the brain can ease the brain functions and enables it to create split-second decisions which can make difference in the result of a game.

A sports injury is no doubt really devastating for an athlete. There are many incidents in which the athletes make their conditions worse in their urge of getting well soon. These athletes are often sidelined, as an injury can lead them to the loss of opportunities to stand in the national rankings. There are many elite athletes who have embraced mild oxygen therapy to speed their recovery from injuries. Robert McCune is one of those athletes, who are taking HBOT as a serious treatment and admit the importance of Personal Hyperbaric Chamber for athletes. McCune stated that he feels refreshed whenever he steps out of a hyperbaric chamber. For him, HBOT is a reliable way of getting relief from aches and pains.

How does it work?

Robert McCune is not alone; there are many other athletes who have admitted that HBOT has positive and amazing effects on injuries, pains, and aches. The pressurized hyperbaric chamber in which an athlete can breathe pure oxygen permits up to tenfold increase in the level of oxygen of the blood plasma and hemoglobin. Red blood cells become more malleable due to the increase of their ability to pierce the restricted blood vessels. This process helps the cells and the tissues to receive the required oxygen in order to reproduce and heal. With the help of this treatment, a sprained ankle can recover just in four days instead of ten days. Even you can find your bruised thigh mend in one week instead of three or four weeks.


Generally, an individual is able to consume almost six pounds of oxygen per day. This demand of oxygen outweighs the requirements of other nutrients which are also essential for human body. Oxygen plays multiple roles in the functions of the body. The most vital role of oxygen is generating energy. Do you know that only 50% of your energy comes from the carbohydrates and fats you consume? Our cells need to convert this stored energy into the molecules of ATP by using oxygen.

In a personal hyperbaric chamber, the partial pressure of oxygen can be increased when an athlete undergoes the therapy inside it. This partial pressure dissolves the oxygen into the plasma and other fluids born of water in the body. This function is of immense significance for both water and gas get dissolved within the plasma and other fluids and both of these two elements have the ability to cross the semi-permeable membrane of the cells with the help of osmosis and diffusion. We all know that human body is almost 70% water. So, each cell basically bathes in the water. Athletes can use hyperbaric chambers to supply oxygen to each tissue in their body. In this way, their bodies can get rest which is very important for athletes.

Benefits of Personal Hyperbaric Chamber for Athletes:

The athletes can reap multiple benefits of HBOT. Let’s have a look at them quickly:

  • HBOT reduces inflammation and swelling
  • It detoxifies the cells
  • HBOT improves the circulation
  • Hyperbaric treatment enhances the stem cell production
  • It also promotes the growth of new blood vessels
  • It boosts immune system
  • HBOT increases mental clarity
  • It increases energy level and physical performance
  • It speeds the recovery from injuries
  • The therapy heals the pains and aches
  • It smooths wrinkles and fine lines (players are often affected by these at an early age)
  • HBOT prevents strokes and Alzheimer’s disease (often caused by tremendous tension and stress regarding the games)
  • It helps to get a better sleep (as sufficient sleep is really essential for an athlete to be fit)
  • HBOT reduces anxiety and stress

Apart from the benefits provided above, hyperbaric treatments combat against radiation damage, cancer, diabetics, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, ADD/ADHD, Lyme diseases and more. Though, sometimes HBOT is used to treat these problems, they are not scientifically approved by FDA yet.

Summing up:

After this thorough discussion, the vitality of Personal Hyperbaric Chamber for athletes is beyond question. A healthy athlete can give the best performance; the best performance can lead to a win; a win will increase the recognition and revenues; and hyperbaric treatment, of course will lead an athlete to the winning edge.

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