Ins and Outs of Unnatural Male Enhancement Products

Ins and Outs of Unnatural Male Enhancement ProductsThere are certain tribes in Southern Sudan and other parts of East Africa that purposefully extend the length of their penis organs. They use a herb, known as “Entengo,” as well as pulling and exercising the penis in a method called “jelqing.” Jelqing requires East African men to pull their penis which they produce in a semi erect state by tugging on it like you are milking a cow. This method is slowly and gently performed throughout the day. Does the herb and jelqing work - it can’t be explained, but using Entengo and the jelqing process, has given African males in certain tribes, longer than normal penises. For men who believe that their penis should be larger, will try any gimmick that promises them heightened sexual experiences and a larger sized penis, but this can result in unpleasant and harmful side effects. As a matter of fact, the jelqing method causes Peyronie’s disease, which is caused by scar tissue or plaque that is formed inside along the length of the penis and it causes the penis to bend unnaturally.

Ins and Outs of Unnatural Male Enhancement Products

Some of the ins and outs of unnatural male enhancement products involve some interesting methods, such as the following:

1. Penile Extender

A penile extender is a traction device that stretches the penis. Research has shown that a penile extender actually gives an extension of ½ to 1 inch. An extender can be uncomfortable to use and continued or excessive stretching can cause nerve damage, bruising, and vein thrombosis. Yes, there are two male extender techniques that have been medically approved to broaden the penis, both in length and width. It employs a light traction to stimulate cell mitosis through the penile tissue. What happens, the penis actually expands as the cells divide, and with patience and time, and a man’s penis does enlarge.

2. Exercises

Exercises like jelqing is designed to move blood to the head of a man’s penis and to make the penis muscle to stretch. There isn’t a lot of medical studies regarding this method, but if not done slowly, jelqing could also be damaging.

3. Pumps

Vacuum pumps or penis pumps are often used to treat erectile dysfunction, but many men who are looking for a few extra inches, use the pump exercise their penis. A pump may temporarily make a penis appear larger, however, overuse of the vacuum pump can cause tissue damage, leading to erection problems.

4. Clamps and Rings

There are a variety of clamps and rings that are used, supposedly to stretch and elongate the penis. A ring is placed around the base of the penis after an erection. These sexual tools are designed to prevent blood from flowing fully into the penis, which gives a penis, an enlargement look. But wearing these devices for longer than 30 minutes, will cut off the blood flow and damage the tissues that run along the penis.

5. Surgery

Surgery is generally performed to correct an injury or a medical problem. However, some men are risking surgery to increase penis size or even width. Penile enlargement surgery carries with it, infections, scarring, loss of functions, and other harmful effects for an extra ½ inch.

Websites Support Penile Enlargement

Of course, there are websites hosted by Dr. this or Professor, all of whom promise men that they can have enlarged penile organs, if they order their creams enlargement pills, enhancement pills, enlargement herbs, herbs for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, enhancement vitamins for low libido, or curved penis pills. There is also a growing popular method that carries the title of a penis enlargement book which is offered to teach men an effective way to increase their penis size by several inches, plus enabling men to have longer and powerful erections and increased stamina.


Whether its social media, TV, magazines, smartphones, etc. ads for male enhancement products, techniques, and procedures are everywhere. There are any number of gadgets, pills, pumps, weights, lifts, stretchers, exercises, and surgery claims that guarantee to increase penile lengths and widths. There is very little scientific support for many of these methods and there are no medical organizations or FDA support that endorse these penile enlargement methods. Even though most of these techniques advertised do cause damage, there are reviews by men who purport to have successful penis enlargement with products that are offered by companies that have a long and proven track record and that have been reviewed by certain doctors. Granted, men can probably find a legitimate lengthening product among the scams, but take your time and research deeply before trying them.

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