How to Break a High Fever Fast

Break a High Fever Fast 10 Health Tips That Actually WorkOur body uses natural ways to prevent a high fever. But it is our responsibility to take care of our body to avoid untoward health problems. If the dilemma exists, there are useful ways to break a high fever.

If you have been thinking about how to break a fever, let us tackle one by one these health tips that actually work.

  1. Take an accurate temperature

It is important to take an accurate body temperature. Using a thermometer correctly, you will know your body temperature. If an elevated temperature reaches 103 F (39.4 C) or higher, there is a problem with your health. Basically, the cause of an increased body heat is infection. Cleveland Clinic provides the correct ways to check one's temperature.

  1. Drink medicine

If you're having a high fever, taking the right medication is necessary. Mayo Clinic has shared a quick guide to breaking a fever. For adults, it is recommended to take aspirin or ibuprofen such as Advil. To avoid complications, don't take more than one medicine that contains acetaminophen.

  1. Call the doctor

In taking care of someone with a fever, you should be aware when to call a doctor. If it aches in limbs and back, set an appointment with a doctor for check-up and medication purposes. Adult men should call a physician if the fever lasts longer than three days.

Web MD has clearly suggested seeking medical help as quickly as possible if a sick person is experiencing seizures and having convulsions.

  1. Control the fever

As mentioned earlier, taking correct dosage of ibuprofen is necessary to control the fever. However, you should not drink medicine if your body temperature isn't high. Since viruses and infections usually thrive in cooler temperature, avoid taking medication if you're only experiencing low-grade fever.

  1. Eat more fruits and nutritious food

Obviously, breaking a fever includes eating the right kind of food. In other words, you need to build up resistance with nutritious food. Many people have indicated that eating fresh pineapple is one way to curb health problems. Since fresh pineapple contains natural anti-inflammatory elements, it reduces body heat and helps in hydration.

  1. Observe good personal hygiene

In observing good personal hygiene, your primary goal is to avoid greater health trouble. If you're experiencing a high fever, don't neglect basic ways to stay clean and tidy. As a patient, you should wash hands before eating and after using the toilet. It is also essential to use your own toiletries and handkerchief.

  1. Stay in bed and have enough sleep

If you're having a fever, don't exert efforts to regain good health quickly. After all, staying in bed is the proper way to allow your immune system to keep away the illness. The symptoms that you're experiencing will be more manageable if you will take a rest.

  1. Drink large quantity of fluids

Why is it necessary to drink a large quantity of fluids? You Beauty shared an article about this topic. As basis of the article, the writer asked a scientist named Roxanne Sukol, M.D for a profound answer. If you're sick, your body needs to sweat to cool down the heat. As a result, your body liquid will be eventually depleted.

Before feeling thirsty, drink more water and fruit juices. In that way, you can avoid dehydration.

  1. Have a tepid sponge bath

If your temperature runs high, have a tepid sponge bath. The calming effects of a sponge bath help to reduce the body temperature of the patient. The water for the sponge bath should be hot as can be endured by the person with fever.

  1. Put an ice bag on the head

If you have high fever, you can use an ice bag to lessen the temperature. Another purpose of putting an ice bag on your head is to give some relief of your headache. This is one way of breaking a fever without medicine.

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