Four Simple and Natural Tips to Get Rid of Pain and Ache

dcdgWe all undergo pain and ache, which sometimes disappear on their own and some other times, persist or even aggravate. Pain and ache could be attributed to a number of reasons such as a sedentary lifestyle, stress, muscle spasm, etc.

Problem lies in our approach to deal with pain and ache. We often take over-the-counter medicines to get rid of pain; the medicines sometimes work, but they might result in the long term issues related to health.

Pain can appear in any part of the body, there could be various reasons behind the pain; it could be attributed to swollen gland, pinching nerve or just local inflammation, undergoing it is a dreaded proposition for all of us.

There are lots of conflicting information out there, which hinder one from finding a permanent relief from pain and ache. People just want a solution, not a bunch of details which could make it even more cluttered for them. They prefer simple yet effective ways, no matter what’s the cause, when someone is aching, the only thing s/he wants is the pain to stop. Some of the natural and effectual ways to stop pain and ache are;

Listening to music

Music has healing abilities. Listening to music can help ameliorate the intensity of pain. Music is essentially helpful for certain types of pain such as chronic back pain. A report published in a science journal explains how music can lessen the pain. Scientists said they measured both the direct and indirect impacts of pain, and found out after listening to music for a certain period of time, the intensity of pain gets reduced. Psychologists offered an explanation of how music alleviates pain. According to them, when someone listens to a piece of music, s/he gets distracted by the pleasurable experience that music offers and that, in turn, decreases the pain.

Use topical gel

Topical gels are very effective in lessening pain. They can bring relief to the pain by numbing the nerve endings and let increasing streams of blood flow to painful areas. This two-way healing process ensures quick recovery from pain. For mild arthritis, headache and bruises, topical gels are very useful. They are better than painkillers because they don’t come with any side effect. Some of the ingredients that are active against pain and ache are camphor, menthol, wintergreen essential oil, arnica, aquamin, etc. Cooling herbs can block the nerve sensors and lessen pain instantly.

Do regular exercise

Free hand exercise coupled with yoga and tai chi could reduce join pain, acrylic pain, shoulder pain and pain and inflammation in other areas of the body could improve if proper yoga and tai chi postures are performed on a regular basis.

Some tai chi movements have been found to be effective for fibromyalgia patients. For example, breathing and meditation can significantly reduce pain if practiced twice a week for at least one hour. If the person engaged in tai chi can continue it for twelve weeks, then that’d result in a sharp decrease in the pain. Stress causes the release of adrenaline and the muscles get tightened up. This is how pain is caused. Since yoga and tai chi reduce stress, they improve muscle soreness.

Sleep cure

Sleep can help pain and ache to reduce. It offers a completely natural relief from pain and doesn’t have any side effect. Lack of sleep has been identified by scientists as the cause of various types of pain, which is why they often refer to sleep as a natural remedy for pain. An average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep every day, so if you are not getting enough sleep, then the muscle, joint or shoulder pain might aggravate.

It’s no coincidence that insomniac people suffer from pain in different parts of the body. To have better sleep, one can have a soothing warm bath in the evening, have a massage to ease the painful tender points on the body and make the room dark and quiet to avoid distractions to sleep.

Notice there’s no medicine in our list because it’s in the body’s best interest to avoid medicine. Side effects apart, medicines can also decrease the level of immunity, which might prove fatal to the body, in the long run. The natural methods discussed above are best as they could help getting rid of pain and ache without affecting the body. So practice them and say goodbye to pain and ache forever.

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