Christmas Heart Attack and Heart Syndrome Prevention Tips

Heart is an important body organ in human body apart from being a complex one as it carries a number of key functions for us. Hence the kind of care and support for the organ is inevitable by people. However, despite all care and concern, one may get the trouble of getting the heart ailments. As we find the Christmas approaching, it is recommended to try to a couple of prevention tips to avoid the heart attacks and heart syndrome. The following are some of the prevention tips:

Health Your Responsibility

Cardiovascular ailments is among the major cause of death in the developed nations with more than 34% death are seen with the premature stuff. This can be seen reducing 40% just for four decades usually owing to the treatment option for the common risk factor. If you have issues like diabetes, you risk could be seen increasing drastically.

Check your risks

One of the most influential risk factors which is seen in the form of cardiovascular disease in the older age the greater risk. The second is among the genetic make-up. Though often is seen excited by scientific progress over the genomic research, infancy and gene tests. However, a family with good history can be called as a poor man’s gene test.

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure

Maintaining the blood pressure play a vital role in settling down the heart issues. With high blood pressure one can cause the wear and tear over the delicate inner living over the blood vessels. The higher the blood pressure the higher is the risk for the people having heart ailments. The risk starts to boost with the pressure of 115/70 mmHg and doubles every time for each 10 mmHg increase in systolic and 5 mmHg increase in the diastolic.

Avoid the smoke or remain passive smoker

Smoking or remaining a passive smoker can wreck all havoc to people who are suffering from any heart ailment. In fact, with this it increases the risk of heart diseases, peripheral vascular diseases, lung diseases and stroke issues.

Keep a check over your cholesterol

High or abnormal fats are often the major contributor to the cardiac ailment. The bad cholesterol can be a major contributor to issues like cardiovascular disease. The amount of cholesterol found in the blood can be the key reasons to the problem, hence reducing the same are really important to keep things in a right way. Keep a check over the cholesterol and it should be of the ratio tolling to 3.0.

Limit your calories

The fad diet is often a failure and it only end up creating a bad obesity rate among the people of development nations. In fact, it has contributed a lot in giving issues like diabetes that happens to be a key cardiovascular ailment. If you have diabetes the risk is somewhere huge in terms of getting the heart attack.

Make exercises your daily habit

The lack of exercise seems to lead the problem of contributing to obesity issue among the US citizens. As per studies, walking at least two miles a day can help in maintaining your overall health but make sure you do it phases. Also carrying out exercises like cardiovascular ones can help in reducing the weight to a great extent but at the same time you need to change your diet as well. Exercises are the best ways to burn calories but make sure you consider the one that can benefit you in the best way.

Wrapping up

The festive time is all about to come and you need to prepare for the same. Taking care of your health this Christmas season can help you in avoiding and averting the health issues. The above preventive tips can help you in a big way in taking care of your heart attack and heart syndrome to a great extent.


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