Tips to Stop Smoking for Good

Quit smokingMost smokers feel that they cannot stop smoking, and as a result, most of them are reluctant to make a proper effort to quit smoking for good. Some smokers have tried to quit but haven’t been very successful in doing so, and as a result, don’t really want to try again. For some people, they feel they’ve been smoking long enough and it’s finally time to start being a bit healthier. Whatever your reasons for wanting to stop smoking are, here are a few tips to help you along.

Think positively about quitting!

For most people, trying to quit smoking is a difficult, painful process and it does not inspire many positive thoughts. The idea of quitting smoking brings with it thoughts of being deprived of something enjoyable. However, if you start to think more positively about quitting, this is the first step to being successful. Rather than thinking about the things you won’t be able to do anymore, think about all the great benefits. For example, it’s a lot better for your body in general - your lungs, liver and other internal organs. You’ll also be able to get rid of the smoke smell that your friends keep complaining about, and who knows, you might even find the love of your life!

Drink differently

This is something which many smokers don’t think about, but certain drinks actually make cigarettes taste better than they really are. Alcohol, tea and coffee and any fizzy drinks make cigarettes seem better and more appealing. In order to appease the cravings you feel for tobacco, start drinking more water and fruit juices. Even when you go out, try to avoid having a glass of wine or a pint of beer with your meal, since you’ll get the cravings more. There’s also a much higher chance of developing mouth cancer if you smoke and drink.

Come up with some strategies

In order to be successful with quitting, you need to come up with some good strategies. Not only do you need to think of a long-term plan, you should also come up with some short-term plans. For example, when you start craving a cigarette, what are you going to do? If you sit there and think about it, the craving will take longer to leave, will be more difficult and you may even give in to it eventually. However, if you have a strategy, such as bringing up a new topic in conversation which interests you, for example, politics, there’s a much higher chance that you’ll forget all about your craving and end up not having the cigarette at all!

Find some support

This isn’t something that you need to do alone. The first person you can ask for help is your doctor. Asking friends and family is a good idea too, but you might get the feeling that they don’t understand you, don’t think it’s very important or judge you for it. Your doctor will be able to give you resources that will help you to quit. There are also many groups that you can attend which will give you the support you need. While attending these groups, you will meet many new friends who are going through the same struggle, and you can discuss problems, fears and issues together.

Don’t hang around with those who smoke

If you live with smokers or you’re married to one, this can be very difficult to do. Seeing other people smoking, smelling the cigarettes and tasting it as you walk through the house can be very difficult for those who are trying to quit. If you’re in this situation, speak to the people you live with and tell them it’s very serious for you and important that you are able to quit smoking. Ask them to smoke outside the house and away from you, and ask them not to mention smoking while you’re around. If you have friends or acquaintances who smoke quite regularly, try to keep your distance, at least during the first stages when you’re trying to quit. Make friends with those who don’t smoke, and you’ll find that you feel a little bit awkward if you try to smoke around them. It’s amazing what peer pressure can do to you - sometimes it’s for the best!

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