Benefits of Vaping over Smoking

The fact that people smoke is simply a part of the history of the human species. The detrimental health effects that accompany smoking is something that has been brought to light in the past century or so. The draw of smoking is the nicotine that lies within. Unfortunately, nicotine is very addictive which makes it difficult to help those who have already begun to smoke quit. In an effort to address the negative impact that comes with cigarette smoking, vaping was created as an alternative. As you will see, it offers clear benefits to the smoker seeking to quit.

Reduces Harmful Chemicals

When it comes to smoking and the use of tobacco, the prime health risks doesn’t stem from the nicotine that it contains, but rather from the toxic chemicals and carcinogens that lie within. The addictive nature of nicotine causes people to look past the risk that comes with smoking. Vaping has become a helpful tool to combat the risks of smoking because the vape juice the supplies the nicotine in E-cigarettes doesn’t containing the accompanying harmful chemicals that are found in tobacco.

Eliminates the Impact Of Second Hand Smoke

Another benefit that vaping provides to those who seek to quit smoking cigarettes is that it helps lessen the negative social impact of nicotine use. Cigarettes and the second-hand smoke that they produce are harmful to those who do not smoke. Cigarette smoke also is unpleasant to smell for nonsmokers. The “smoke” that is exhaled when vaping contains none the toxins or the bad smell that comes with traditional smoking. In fact, because most vape juice is flavored, the resulting “smoke” has a pleasant odor. This means that those who vape don’t have to sequester themselves from others to a great extent during social gatherings.

Helps Reduce Or Eliminate The Need For Tobacco Cigarettes

Moving to vape with E-cigarettes instead of using traditional cigarettes is a positive step to reduce or eliminate the use of harmful tobacco. In some cases, it even helps to stop using nicotine products entirely. Studies highlighted by the National Center For Biomedical Information, or NCBI, does, in fact, show a reduction in the use of traditional cigarettes. To further aid in the use of nicotine, some vape juice companies provide nicotine salt vape liquid. This form of vape juice provides users with stronger nicotine doses which help to reduce nicotine use by diminishing the overall vape juice usage.

It should be known that though studies have shown and suggest that vaping with E-cigarettes is a better option than traditional cigarettes, it is not without health risk. If you don’t currently use nicotine products, then you shouldn’t. Nicotine is highly addictive. There is also no definitive research that outlines the long-term effect to vaping.

The Main Differences

All this being said, when compared to the risks and harmful side effects of smoking tobacco, the use of E-cigarettes and vaping is a much better delivery system for those who are currently struggling with an addiction to nicotine.

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