Why CBD Oil is Being Used for Anxiety and Cancer Treatments

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of the most intriguing cannabinoids known to man. It comes from the seeds, stalk, and flowers of cannabis plants. Intensive research conducted over the years shows that it does not create any form of intoxication.

It’s important to point out that recreational marijuana use has given cannabis products like CBD oil a bad name. This is one of the main reasons why it’s not being taken seriously by some people suffering from a health ailment. Hopefully, this will change in due time. It’s fair to say that the growing awareness about the potential health benefits of CBD oil will help more people and make a huge impact on the medical industry. We will now take a close look at the six inspiring medical uses of CBD.


  1. Fight Acne

Medical studies show that CBD has a strong effect on the receptors in the human immune system. This may help reduce inflammation in the body. With this in play, CBD oil may be a solid option for people with acne issues.

The sebaceous glands produce an oily substance called “Sebum”. Sebum helps retain skin moisture, but too much sebum can cause acne. A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation revealed that there is a link between CBD oil and Sebum. This offers hope to people dealing with acne issues, but it’s imperative for you to consult with your dermatologist before using it. More research and tests need to be conductive before a final conclusion is made.

  1. Cancer Treatment

CBD may be effective at alleviating cancer symptoms and cancer treatment side effects. This sounds promising, but the National Cancer Institute (NCI) says that more tests need to be conducted. It’s vital to point out that the NCI does not encourage cancer patients to use cannabis as a cancer treatment. However, CBD oil can hinder some forms of tumor cells from reproducing.

  1. Anxiety Relief

Are you having problems with anxiety? CBD may be able to help you manage your anxiety level. Medical researchers believe that it may stimulate your brain’s receptors to respond better to serotonin, Serotonin is a critical chemical associated to mental health. For example, one recent study found that a 600mg dose of CBD was responsible for helping people with social anxiety deal with their fear of public speaking.

  1. Relieve Pain

Pre-clinical studies backed by the National Institutes of Health are focused on seeing if cannabis can alleviate chronic pain, muscle pain, and arthritis. At this point, CBD oil is a promising candidate for offering anti-inflammatory properties. More trials need to be conducted to see if CBD oil is the ideal pain management medicine.

  1. Seizures

CBD has been mentioned as an effective treatment for epilepsy in many medical journals and periodicals. The American Epilepsy Society has stated that CBD oil research is responding well to tests, and it offers hope to people who suffer from seizure disorders. It’s reasonable to assume that the final results will be released within the near future. This is great news for people looking for an alternative to traditional medicine provided by the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Neurodegenerative Disorders

Neurodegenerative disorders affect people from all walks of life. These disorders are responsible for causing the nerves and brain to decline over time. Researchers are conducting tests to see if CBD oil will be effective at treating the following: Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), and strokes. CBD oil may be the perfect remedy for minimizing the swelling connected to neurodegenerative diseases.

It’s not unusual to see Cannabidiol (CBD) oil featured on television and in magazines these days. Some call it “The Miracle Oil”. More tests need to be conducted on CBD oil, but it’s reasonable to say that it has the potential to give comfort and save lives. If you’d like to learn more about CBD oil, you can read here for more information about the effects of CBD and also learn more about CBD related products.

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