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skin care for menIn today's society, everyone is looking for that secret that will give skin an eternally youthful appearance. Whether you have embarked upon the botox journey or you have a plethora of skin cremes and serums filling your bathroom cupboards, it is all in an attempt to get better looking, youthful, glowing skin. This guide takes a trip around the world to see the different techniques used by women in Australia, Sweden, china, Chile, Egypt, Israel and France to keep their skin healthy and beautiful.


Aboriginal women swear by yarrow extract to keep the skin's elasticity and to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. It is also an anti-inflammatory so it can soothe the skin, heal broken skin as well as keep it hydrated and moisturised. There are an array of ways to take yarrow; it can be taken as a tea, poultice, adding it to oils and creams and it can even be found in some skincare products such as primers.


Cleopatra was deemed a beauty when she ruled Egypt and her secret was milk and honey and no, she didn't drink it, she used to frequently bathe in it. It would make her skin soft and supple by moisturising and removing the dead skin cells while the honey would soothe and clear the skin thanks to its antibacterial properties. This treatment can be found in many different spa packages London offers, however, this process can be recreated in your very own bath with powdered milk, honey and a dash of almond oil and you are guaranteed to feel as beautiful as the Egyptian Queen herself.


The women of Chile get their glowing skin from red grapes and their amazing antioxidant properties. When made into a paste and applied to the face as a mask, it gives the skin a boost, making it look more refreshed and luminous. To recreate this incredible face mask, simply combine red grapes and white flour to form a paste and apply all over the face.


French women are very proud of their appearance and take great care of their skin by having spa body treatments weekly, including facials and massages, as well as never sleeping in their make up. The key to their glowing, youthful looks is the cherry and pomegranate seed mask which can be recreated in the comfort of your own home; simply mix the fruit together and apply for 5-6 minutes for firm, brightened skin.


Sea salt is the secret to Israeli women's skincare regime. It is believed to have healing powers by detoxifying your body, exfoliating the skin and it can also help with skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. In the comfort of your own home, combine a pinch of sea salt, massage oil, seaweed powder and lavender oil for soft skin.


Sweden are known to have some of the most beautiful women in the world and, with healthy diets and natural skin care routines, it is little wonder why. They swear by antioxidants that can be found in berries and fish, as well as drinking green and white tea and using the tea as home-made toner. This can be done by making a cup of the tea and freezing it into ice cubes and then, once frozen, rub it all over your face and body to tone; you can also use the used teabags on your eyes to soothe the skin. Swedish inhabitants love to use saunas as it detoxifies your body; to recreate this, simply rub rock salt, eucalyptus oil and olive oil into your skin and wash off with a cold shower as this will improve circulation and rid your body of toxins.


Chinese women are world-renowned and envied for their youthful complexions and soft skin and their techniques are completely natural. For a bright glow, mint leaves are mixed into a paste and applied to the skin for several minutes. Rice water is the secret to healthy, toned skin and to keep the skin rejuvenated and wrinkle-free. To achieve this, soak rice in water and stir until the water becomes white; chill in the fridge and use a cotton pad to apply over the face. It is cheap, natural and works wonders, it can also be stored for 4 days so there's no need to replace daily. It's a win-win.

Chinese women grow old gracefully and this is due to their diets and wrinkle-fighting face mask consisting of egg whites. Egg whites are known to reduce pore size, tighten the skin and add a glow to the skin and all that’s required is the egg whites; simply apply to the face, leave to dry and rinse with cool water.

Massage is another way to keep a youthful appearance and Chinese ladies incorporate it into their daily routines. They will massage their face every day to reduce puffiness, encourage cell production and to improve blood circulation. They will start at the ear and slowly work their way down towards the collarbone, gently massaging the skin without pulling it as it will cause wrinkles; they rub in a circular motion towards the heart and make their way to the jawbone and chin. Use this technique on the delicate skin underneath the eye but do not pull as it will drag the skin and create wrinkles. Use this technique for a minimum of 15 days to see and feel the benefits.

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