Lightweight Makeup for The Summer

beautiful smileWith the arrival of nicer, sunnier, and thus warmer and hotter days, heavy makeup goes into oblivion for a while. Many times the heavy makeup itself will as a result of heat and sweating, simply disappear. Surely you do not want your daily make-up, to instead of beautifying you, turn your face into a canvas smeared with colors.

That is why your basic makeup, which usually consists of foundation, blush, mascara and lip gloss, replace with alternative makeup that is more suitable for higher temperatures a well as being more suitable for your skin which will breathe easier with a lower layer of makeup.


Replace foundation or powder foundation with a tinted moisturizer during the summer months. Tinted moisturizer will be easier on your skin and will not create the effect of wearing a mask. It will nicely shade your complexion and give the skin room to breathe while nurturing it. If due to certain deficiencies in the skin you still choose classic powder, for which you are sure will cover up any pimples or blemishes there is a solution for that as well. Try to wear a tinted moisturizer, and on any pimples or blemishes apply a little concealer making sure that the difference in color is not visible.


When selecting summer mascara, definitely make sure that it is water resistant. Apart from that fact that it will not dissolve and smudge during sweating and as a result creating black bruising underneath the eyes, you can at any time jump into the pool or go swimming without having to worry about you mascara dissolving. Waterproof mascara is harder to remove than the classic mascara, so if this is a factor that is crucial to continue to use the classic mascara, then apply it in thin layers or apply false lashes instead of using mascara as they will make you look like you are wearing mascara.


In the event that during the summer you already have a darker skin tone and many times redder cheeks from the sun, then blush is not necessary. However, if you are already using it, avoid blush in powder form. It will seem totally unnatural with a sunny complexion instead use a creamy blush. It will soak into your skin and give the impression of natural rosy cheeks. Be careful with the amount of cream blush that you apply. In most cases a very small amount is sufficient; just one drop will be enough to spread evenly on the cheeks. If you still do not want to stay away from blush powder, let it be some kind of bronzer and not a classical blush.

Glosses and lipsticks

During the summer months it is always better to choose lip gloss. Even when it smears, it will not be as noticeable as it would be if you were wearing lipstick. In addition, lip gloss will, especially in the sun, be more effective than a lipstick, and you can choose it in whichever color you want-just make sure to always choose lip gloss in airy colors like shades of pink, beige or gold. It would be good for your lip gloss to also contain a protective factor against the sun. If you are not a fan of glamor, opt for some lip balm. In any case, during the summer months, your lips are very much in need of protection.

Watch a Beachy summer makeup tutorial by revbeauty.


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