How to Have Wrinkle Free Skin? Natural Juices Will Help You!

Skincare -Image 1Owning flawless and glowing skin is a dream of most of the girls because they will feel confident and look attractive with a beautiful skin. Just like the body’s other organs, skin also needs the essential nutrients –minerals and vitamins from vegetables as well as fruits to be function properly. Plus, only these nutrients can aid in reducing the inevitable process aging of the skin. And juicing is one of the most wonderful choices for proving essential vitamins and minerals. Juicing helps to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin from within. Raw juice extracted from vegetables and fruits help to remove chemicals and toxins from the system as well as aid liver regeneration. They also improve skin health and postpone skin aging as well.

  1. Strawberry, Apple & Kale Smoothie

I already enjoyed this smoothie and it was really delicious and tasty. This juice helps you have wrinkle free and glowing skin due to the presence of strawberry in it. Strawberry juice is packed with ellagic acid, vitamin C and folate, all of which contain amazing anti-inflammatory agents that help to neutralize the cell damage caused due to free radicals causing age spots, wrinkles and skin aging. Kale is full of vitamins K and A that prevents flaky and dry skin causing premature skin aging. Apple in this juice helps to cleanse and soften the skin and lower dullness to give it a flawless and glowing appearance.

How to prepare this juice:

– Prepare 1 apple, 2 cups of strawberries and 6 kale leaves.

– Chop the kale along with strawberries and deseed the apple. Take all the vegetables and fruits in a food processor with 1/4th cup of water. Then, blend well until a paste of smooth consistency is formed.

– Pour it in 1 tall mug and enjoy afterwards.

  1. Carrots, Cantaloupes & Celery Smoothie

This is a great juice for getting flawless skin because it is loaded with beta carotene and vitamins C. Carrots contain the high content vitamin C and A, which helps to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on skin and corrects uneven skin tone, too. Cantaloupes have powerful hydrating power, which helps to maintain the skin’s youthful elasticity and keeps it supple and soft, so you should include it in the juice diet. Besides, cantaloupes comprise of folic acid present aids in skin regeneration. Vitamin C in them promotes the collagen production. Celery is particularly beneficial for fading toxins from the body and detoxification.

How to prepare this juice:

– Prepare 3-4 slices of cantaloupe, 3 carrots and 2 celery stalks.

– Chop the celery and cut the carrots and cantaloupes into medium sized cubes.

– Put all the prepared ingredients in a food processor, pour water (about 1/2 cup) and mash it to have the rejuvenating skin detox juice for a few minutes.

  1. Spinach, Sweet Potato & Ginger Smoothie

Last week, I tried this smoothie and amazingly its taste was so great and cool. I am sure that you will be attracted by this juice. Sweet potato in this smoothie brings all the essential nutrients to the body and skin as well. The orange or yellow flesh of sweet potatoes is high in beta-carotene that contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that give the cells protection from oxidative stress. Plus, it is extremely beneficial for promoting overall skin health because it is a powerhouse of vitamin B6, D And C. Ginger juice, on the other hand, has the capacity to flush out toxins from blood. In addition, it enhances blood circulation and lowers the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Last but not least, it helps to improve skin tone and treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

How to prepare this juice:

– Prepare 2 sweet potatoes, a handful of spinach and 1-inch piece of ginger.

– Wash the sweet potatoes, peel and cut them into medium sized cubes.

– Chop the spinach and in a food processor, add all the prepared ingredients along with a half cup of water. Blend for a couple of minutes to create a smooth paste.

– Pour the juice in a serving mug and immediately enjoy.

  1. Cucumber, Mango & Spinach Smoothie

This smoothie will help you attain glowing skin naturally because it is full of vitamin A. Mangoes reduce age spots and pigmentation, the prominent skin aging signs since it is rich in antioxidants. Vitamin A housed in mangoes also serves as a natural bleaching property that aids in easing skin tan and helps to provide a glowing and bright complexion. Another ingredient plays an important role in this juice that is a cucumber. Cucumber helps to reduce freckles and improve complexion. Spinach, on the other hand, purifies blood and detoxes the system, thus, lowering the breakout of acne and pimples.

How to prepare this juice:

Take ½ cup of mango, 1 cucumber and a handful of spinach.

– Peel the ripe mango and mash its flesh. Next, chop the spinach, peel the cucumber and add them in the food processor.

– Blend it for several minutes and pour it in a tall glass. Finally, enjoy this delicious smoothie.

  1. Cucumber, Pineapple & Parsley Smoothie

Pineapple juice is loaded with vitamin C, which cleanses the skin and decreases the outbreak of acne and pimples. Plus, it helps to neutralize cell damage caused due to oxidative stress and free radicals since it is a powerful source of antioxidants. Parsley heals excessively flaky and dry skin that aggravates the premature skin aging problems thanks to its beta carotene. Vitamin C and K found in parsley are vital for the production of collagen as well as maintenance of skin elasticity. Furthermore, it helps to curb sebum production, which in turn reduces the problems of pimples and acne.

How to prepare this juice:

Take 1 cup of pineapple, a handful of parsley and 1 cucumber.

– Roughly chop the cucumber, parsley pineapples one by one and in the food processor. Put all the ingredients with water (1/2 cup) and blend thoroughly.

– Pour in 1 tall serving glass. Finally, enjoy the refreshing smoothie.

  1. Lemon, Pear & Cucumber Smoothie

Lemon juice present in this recipe helps to remove toxins, impurities and harmful chemicals from the blood stream, thereby keeping the skin glowing and radiant. Fruits such as apples and pears are rich in dietary fibers, which is an important nutrient for skin because it helps to control sugar spikes damaging the collagen. Besides, it helps to keep the skin texture even and smooth and postpones the appearance of freckles, wrinkles, and age spots. They are also full of vitamin C, which helps to combat the damage causing free radicals.

How to prepare this juice:

Take 2 large pears, 1 cucumber, and 1 lemon.

– Peel the pears, remove their seeds and chop them into medium sized cubes. Chop the cucumber and later add them in the blender.

– Squeeze in the lemon juice and blend well. After that, pour in 1 tall serving glass and consume with ice.

  1. Lettuce, Mint & Cucumber Smoothie

This juice helps to improve complexion from within and retains the skin baby supple and soft. Lettuce is a powerful source of vitamin A that is extremely important for regeneration of skin cell. Besides, lettuce contains potassium that improves circulation of oxygen in the skin and provides all the essential nutrients to the skin cells. Mint lowers the breakout of acne and pimples because it works as an awesome skin cleanser.

How to prepare this juice:

Take 3 cucumbers, 1 small head of romaine lettuce, a handful of mint leaves and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

Peel and chop 3 cucumbers along with the mint leaves and lettuce. Next, add the three ingredients in a food processer together with water (1/2 cup). Blend well and to it, add the lemon juice.

– Pour in 1 tall serving glass and consume with some ice cubes.

  1. Cucumber, Beets & Red Apple Smoothie

This smoothie also acts well for skin care. The beetroot juice is a good natural remedy to treat skin aging and wrinkles. It is packed with vitamin A, folate and carotenoids, all of which improve overall skin health and increase the flow of blood throughout the skin. Also, beetroot juice has Lycopene that maintains skin elasticity and inhibits skin sagging as well. Beets when combined with hydrating cucumber and nutritious apples will make this natural smoothie become one of the best juices for perfect and flawless skin.

How to prepare this juice:

Take 2 beetroots, 1 red apple and 1 cucumber.

– Wash and peel the cucumbers and beet roots. Next, chop them and put in a food processor. To it, add water (½ cup) and mix well till you attain a smooth paste.

– Enjoy with some Chia seed powder on top.

  1. Cucumber, Cabbage & Carrots Smoothie

Cabbage is not only good for weight loss but also effective for skin care. This vegetable is rich in vitamin C, selenium and beta-carotene, so it helps to preserve the skin’s youthful suppleness and works a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent to neutralize oxidative stress and free radical damage. This combination is a great juice for wrinkle free skin.

How to prepare this juice:

– Take 6 large cabbage leaves, 2 carrots and 1 cucumber.

– Wash and chop the carrots, cabbage leaves, and cucumber. Later put the three ingredients in the food processor and to it, add a half cup of water.

– Blend all the vegetables till you obtain a smooth paste.

– Pour in 1 tumbler and consume with some lemon juice.

In fact, having wrinkle free skin is not difficult. You can get the satisfied results by choosing your favorite smoothie from the list given above.


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