HGH Treatment against Aging

The search for a treatment that can restore youth and beauty has become a lifestyle for many of us and at the same time laid the foundations of anti-aging medicine, in an attempt to turn back time. Among the treatments proposed by this field ishormone replacement therapy with human growth hormone – HGH. The treatment can be administered in three forms:

*injectable– the most effective, but also the most expensive; involves greater risks than dietary supplements;
*spray– is absorbed quickly and is cheaper than the injectable form;
*tablets – are the cheapest, but their effect can be diminished by gastric acids.

What is growth hormone (HGH)?

Human Growth HormoneandHuman Growth Hormone (HGH) is a protein secreted by the gland,the pituitary gland that stimulates the formation of insulin-like growth factor IGF-I in the liver and other tissues. IGF-I stimulates cell growth and production, as well as metabolic processes in the human body. The activity of this secretion is one that increases during adolescence and begins to decrease around the age of 40. Growth hormone is released in impulses in response to signals received from thehypothalamus, usually during sleep. Human growth hormone has anabolic effects on the body, stimulating the development of tissue, bones, and muscles.

By the age of 60, growth hormone secretions may be worth 25% of the amount secreted by the age of 20. This decrease has negative effects on fat deposits, immunity, and overall energy level.

There may be several conditions caused by growth hormone secretion disorders. In case of excess, the body produces too many cells and acromegaly occurs, manifested by oversized extremities, or gigantism – record heights. Growth hormone deficiencies lead to cases of dwarfism, which can have serious health consequences.

Recombinant growth hormone therapy

Biosynthetic growth hormone, orsomatotropinrhGH, is identical to natural HGH and, along with insulin-like growth factors3, can limit the negative effects of aging, or even reverse it. The ability of cells to function depends on the genetic codes of all the proteins, hormones, and enzymes that allow them to function. Antioxidant supplements such as vitamins C and E help limit DNA damage and strengthen immunity. Growth hormone and its growth factor perform an even more important task: it helps DNA repair itself, initiating and facilitating the transport of amino acids and nucleic acids to cells.

The benefits of growth hormone therapy

In anti-aging therapy, the treatment with artificial growth hormone aims at restimulating cell production in adolescence, thus reconditioning the body from within. This therapy, which has to be supervised by a HGH therapy doctor, is a temporary remedy for hormonal imbalances, but the results speak for themselves: a 15% reduction in fat and a 9% increase in muscle mass; removing fine wrinkles and expression creases, improving the appearance of the skin, improving performance and sexual appetite, improving mental state and sleep.

Arguments against HGH treatment

Since the internal balance of growth hormone is determined by the unique composition of each person, it is difficult to determine the ideal dose, especially when the patient has developed antibodies. This is a problem especially in patients who do not have a severe growth hormone deficiency. Overdose has the risk of oversizing the body and the appearance of cancer cells.

The most effective treatments are injectables, but they are also extremely expensive; When injected, synthetic growth hormone inhibits the natural one, which can have serious consequences. Side effects in healthy people who have been treated with HGH include fluid retention in the extremities, joint pain (due to bone thickening), carpal tunnel syndrome, hypertension, diabetes, and other imbalances of glucose metabolism, gynecomastia – overdevelopment of the mammary glands in men.

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