How We Can Save Our Teeth Naturally

The health of your teethMy mother often advised before I went to bed “Go to the washroom and clean your teeth”. Interestingly she didn’t know that brushing teeth every night is not good enough to prevent cavities. I know she said this because most people struggle with terrible teeth stains, tooth decay and more.

There are many reasons why we get decay and stained teeth. Among them are getting old, drugs, smoking, caffeine, and cavities. When you’re doing drugs, you essentially halt your body’s responses, which include the chemicals responsible for the health of your teeth.

If you want to save your teeth and money on dental care, natural ingredients can help you save your teeth and gum from cavities. You have many options that you should try. Only dental treatment is not the only way to heal your teeth from cavities. There are many natural ways that can save your teeth and money on dental care.

Here are some tips for you that you should know.You can try one or all of these tips:

1) Salt: Salt can heal your teeth and gum. Brush your teeth with using your finger and wash with warm water.

2) Neem: Neem is a tree. It is bitterer than any other tree. Each part of this tree is too bitter. Use the bark portion of this tree for your teeth. It will fight against cavities and keep your gum and teeth healthy.

3) Tooth powder: If you like to use tooth powder, I would recommend you should use herbal tooth powder. There are many companies that provide herbal ingredients in their tooth powder. Buy any product of them and brush your teeth with it.

4) Cinnamon: Another great element for your teeth. Make Cinnamon paste and use it. It will heal your teeth from cavities.

5) Dry brush: Use your toothbrush without toothpaste, if possible, use soda or salt. It will reduce gum bleeding.

6) Plain water: If you ever feel pain in your teeth or gum, use warm water, it will heal your pain and give you a healthy teeth and gum.

7) Tooth washer: Another effective item is teeth washer. You may find many herbal teeth washer in the pharmacies. It can reduce the pain of teeth and gum also it can work as a mouth washer which removes the bad smell from your mouth.

8) Charcoal: Yellowness in your teeth is another problem. It’s very embarrassing for any person! You may have yellow shades in your teeth which are not seem good at all. I have a great suggestion for you. Brush your teeth with Charcoal, at least for one minute, you will see the magic!

9) Baking soda and Coconut oil: Make your own toothpaste with baking soda and coconut oil. Mix two tablespoons baking soda with two tablespoons coconut oils. Coconut oil can destroy the bacteria and baking soda aids in whitening and cleaning teeth.

10) Vitamin D: It is very effective. It may be good for your mouth by destroying bacteria. Some foods and drinks have Vitamin D. For example, eggs, salmon, orange juice etc.

11) Strawberry: Another of the most unusual natural remedies is a well-known fruit. If you love fresh strawberries, you will love them even more when you know they can whiten your teeth. These fruits contain a natural acid that works amazingly on tooth enamel. To use strawberry, just mash up a few of them and use it to brush your teeth.

12) Celery: Fresh vegetable has lots of health benefits, let alone saving teeth naturally. This vegetable for example, helps prevents cancer, reduces blood pressure and is rich in calcium which your teeth really needs. Eat celery to remove plaques in between your teeth and prevent them from germs.

These are some names of natural medicine that help you to save your teeth. You don’t need any dental treatment if you follow all these tips or one of them. It will save you from wasting money on dental care. Remember, a dentist can also suggest your natural healing ways for your teeth.

Please note that the above will take some time to work and won’t give you the same outcome as commercial methods. Now that you’ve learned how to save your teeth naturally, you will have a healthier looking smile and save yourself a lot of money.

If you have any questions, please ask below!