Top Beauty And Styling Tips For A Round Face

We all have unique face shapes that differentiate us from the next person. Consequently, we require different styling and beauty methods that suit our face shape. The main purpose of beauty and styling has always been to accentuate your features, not change them completely.

If you have a round face and are wondering how you can style it well, we are here to help you out. Below is the list of the top beauty and styling tips for a round face shape.

Eyebrows are important

When you have a round shape, your face appears curvy and soft. To complement those features, you will need sharp edges; this is where your eyebrows come in. By shaping your eyebrows in a sleek manner, you can make your face appear more structured and pointy. Be careful not to thin out your eyebrows too much.

Another tip is to highlight the bone below your eyebrow as it adds more definition to your face. Moreover, highlighting helps in illuminating the focal points of your face. So, make sure you carefully work on your brows.

Glasses can make a difference

If you wear glasses regularly, choosing the right frame shape can make a difference. For a round face shape, it is suggested that you go with frames that have angles. You can choose rectangular glasses or even cat eye glasses to add more structure to your face.

Even if you do not have prescription glasses, you must be wearing sunglasses. You can go for these shapes in sunglasses as well. Moreover, there are also tinted square black glasses available that can add more to your look and face.

Bronzer is the perfect makeup buddy

People with round faces often complain about their faces looking too wide or not having any particular shape. For such people, bronzer is the perfect makeup buddy as it both adds structure to your face and makes it look thinner.

According to your skin tone, choose a bronzer that compliments your skin. You can go for both cream and powder bronzers. By applying bronzers on your cheekbones and jawline, you can provide a structure to your face.

The different uses of blush

The best thing about blush is that you can use it in different ways to create different looks. Moreover, blush is one of the most loved products by people of all face types. People with a round face have an advantage when it comes to blush because they usually have round apple cheeks.

You can use blush to highlight the apple of your cheeks and accentuate them further. If you want to draw attention away from your cheeks, you can apply blush a bit above your cheekbones and upwards to your forehead. This helps in giving your face a snatched look.

Frame your face

To make your face appear thinner or smaller, you should frame your face with your hair. It is recommended that people with round faces should go for hairstyles that frame their faces rather than going away from them. There are many hairstyles that you can try, such as curtain bangs, layers, and much more.

Moreover, a middle part can help with framing your face as well. You can even take inspiration from celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Emma Stone to decide on a hairstyle.

The don’ts

Aside from the tips mentioned above, below is a list of don’ts for a round face shape:

  • Don’t wear your hair away from your face or in a ponytail, as it can make it look wider.
  • Don’t apply too much blush; however, do not skip it altogether.
  • Keep your makeup light, and do not go for heavy makeup.
  • Bouncy hairstyles do not go well with a round face, so avoid them.
  • Do not go for bobs that are chin length.
  • Do not opt for circular earrings as they can make your face appear wider.
  • Avoid round necklaces and go for narrow ones.
  • Do not go for round necklines as well. Rather go for a v-neck and sweetheart neckline with more depth.
  • Try to steer off turtle necks as they can make your face appear broader.

That was all! Now, you know the best beauty and styling tips for a round face.

If you have any questions, please ask below!