5 Reasons to Get a Pedicure

For many people, a pedicure is the height of luxury. You get to sit back, relax, and allow someone to massage, exfoliate, and generally pamper your feet and toenails. What’s not to love? However, it’s not uncommon to feel a little shy about having a stranger touch your feet. As a result, a lot of people who really want to get a pedicure choose to forego the entire experience.

This is a huge mistake. Not only do pedicures feel great, but there are plenty of practical reasons to get them done, too. So, in today’s post, we’re going to look at the top 5 reasons to get a pedicure!

Smooth Out Your Skin

Nobody wants to have bumpy or scaly skin, especially on their feet. Unfortunately, it’s extremely common to get blisters and bumps on the feet and ankles. This is often the result of improper footwear. Thankfully, a good pedicure can often buff out the blemishes and have your feet looking brand new! That said, a pedicure is not a cure-all for every kind of foot bump. If you have a particularly large lump or bunion, you may need medical treatment. You can learn more about the different possible kinds of lumps on your feet from the experts at Northwest Surgery Center.

Moisturize Your Feet

Even if you spent your day exercising and have sweaty feet, you can still end up with dry skin. If you take hot showers or do not use a moisturizer on a regular basis, you will almost definitely have to deal with dry, flaky skin on your heels, between your toes, on the top of your feet, and at the base of your ankles.

While a pedicure is not a permanent fix for dry skin, it is a fast and reliable way to moisturize your feet when they are getting dry. A pedicurist will typically use oils and lotions when massaging your feet, providing your skin with the moisture and exfoliation it desperately needs. This way, you won’t have to worry about dead skin flakes whenever you take your shoes off!

Prevent Ingrown Toenails

If you live an active lifestyle, your toenails probably take a beating on a regular basis. Even if you’re somewhat sedentary, stubbing your toe or even cutting your toenails too short can result in ingrown nails. Not only is this unsightly and painful, but it could require an invasive procedure to fix. In some cases, ingrown toenails have to be completely removed.

So, to prevent this kind of issue, it’s good to get your toenails taken care of by a professional every once in a while. This ensures that your toenails are trimmed correctly and any hangnails are removed as needed. Additionally, you can take note of how the pedicurist deals with your nails so that you can emulate the treatment at home!

Reduce the Risk of Infection

Most pedicures begin with a good foot wash. This relaxing ritual is not just a good way to deal with foot odor; it also helps get rid of any bacteria that your feet might have collected throughout the day. Sweaty socks and tennis shoes are a playground for germs, so sometimes it’s good to give your feet an extra cleaning now and then. A pedicurist will really scrub all of the crevices of your feet (especially around the toes and nails), greatly reducing the risk of a bacterial infection.

Improve blood flow

As previously mentioned, one of the primary benefits of a pedicure is getting your feet massaged. It’s an extremely peaceful and relaxing experience. However, massages have medical benefits that go beyond mere stress relief. In fact, foot massages can help improve blood flow, which is especially useful for people who have poor circulation in their feet and legs.

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