About the Blood Clotting Disorder

Picture6Blood clotting is not as bad as to be called a disorder. However, an inherited predisposition in the genes and injuries that may lead to abnormal blood clotting. This can lead to a number of diseases and health issues. Knowing about them can help you recognize the symptoms and take necessary measures.

  • Blood clotting is the foremost process of preventing blood loss. Blood travels in the blood vessels all over the body. The blood vessels may develop a small tear due to some injury.
  • To prevent blood loss due to the tear the platelets in the blood and the coagulation factors seal the tear. The platelets form the first seal and then the coagulating factors such as pivotal factor 10 act to form fibrin strands that seal the tear completely.


  • Mutation or change in the genes can be one reason for developing clotting disorder. The factors of clotting, for instance, factor 5 and factor 2 are the most inherited factors that cause blood clotting disorder in the body. It is highly possible that if you suffer from a genetic disorder then either of your parents have the same disorder.
  • If you find this true, then your near relations like, siblings, cousins, aunt or uncle can be suffering from the same disease.


  • There are other factors too that may cause this disorder like any surgery that you may have gone through. Smoking and irregular physical activity can also lead to clotting disorders. Being lazy may sound cool to you but extensive immobility may also results in abnormal blood clotting.
  • The most hazardous clots are the ones that are carried to the lungs, this may result in pulmonary embolism and can make the process of breathing nearly impossible to perform.
  • Clotting in the leg where the veins are quite large leads to deep vein thrombosis. Swelling and extreme pain are the symptoms of this disease. These clots in the veins of legs can travel to the brain and cause pulmonary embolism.


  • Pregnant women are at the maximum risk if they have an inherited predisposition of blood clotting. Consuming birth control pills that contain estrogen will lead to the blood clot multiplying it size up to five times. Testing for a predisposition can help individual take necessary steps. Improving your lifestyle can mean a great deal in preventing and combating abnormal blood clots.
  • Determining what is right and wrong for genetic testing of inherited thrombophilia. Testing can give indications for the direction that you can follow for yourself or your relatives.
  • Patients with blood clotting are often misdiagnosed as the symptoms of a muscle strain, and abnormal blood clotting are similar. The abnormal blood clotting, however, can prove fatal.

Consult an expert before reaching any conclusions. Pregnant women can develop serious complications due to blood clotting. Considering advice from an expert can clear the confusions regarding the condition.

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