4 Home Tips to Keep Cervical Spondylitis at Bay

maxresdefaultIn this age of computers, a lot of people suffer from health problems that are caused by sitting at the same position for a long time. A major mistake committed by people working on computers is that they tend to sit in the same posture for a long time. And that’s not in the right posture as well. This causes a degenerative clinical condition. The bones and joints of the neck as well as the spinal discs experience changes. The condition is known as cervical spondylitis.

Symptoms of Cervical Spondylitis

Severe pain in the neck is a common issue faced by a lot of people who work on the computers. And if you’re working for long hours in a sedentary job, you’re sure to get a few problems as those. So, do you really care much about it or think that it can lead to a serious problem?

But that’s a major symptom of cervical spondylitis. So, you must not ignore these signs and take proper steps to ensure that you don’t develop severe cervical spondylitis.

Here’s a quick look at some of the major steps to help you fight cervical spondylitis at home.

Regular Exercise is the Key

If you want to live a healthy life free from the problems of cervical spondylitis, you must exercise on a regular basis. That’s the key to a fit body. While exercising, ensure that you’re focusing on the neck. Ensure that you move the neck round in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Besides, you must nod the head from left to right. It should be moved from one shoulder to another. You can try out this exercise to reduce the pain or keep the ailment away. Rotating your arms can also help you in the process. You can start it with one hand at a time and then roll both for better effects.

Epsom Salt Baths Reduce Muscle Stiffness

One of the major reasons behind the problems caused by cervical spondylitis is the wrong level of ph in the blood.

Is there any way to solve this issue?

You can try out the use of Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt contains magnesium, which is an essential mineral for keeping the ph levels in the blood at the right level. So, you can go for regular Espom salt baths, which will help to reduce the stiffness of your body muscles. This, in turn, ensures that you’re not feeling any pain. Cervical spondylitis does not affect you.

Turmeric for Keeping Muscles Relaxed

The use of turmeric is one of the best things possible for increasing blood circulation. This enhanced blood circulation, in turn, helps to keep the muscles relaxed. You can keep muscle stiffness away by consuming turmeric and ensure that you don’t suffer from cervical spondylitis.

So, what’s the best way to consume turmeric?

You can mix two tablespoons of turmeric power in a glass of milk, heat it, and add a bit of honey to it. Then consume this mixture. Having such a glass of turmeric twice daily can be great for your health. You can keep cervical spondylitis away with this.

Use Garlic to Consume and for Massage

Did you know that garlic has multiple benefits? If you consume garlic, you are likely to get over the problems of cervical spondylitis.

Garlic plays an important role in reducing inflammations and swelling. So, the pain around the neck area of your body can be treated quite well with the use of garlic.

To ensure that you’re getting maximum benefits out of garlic, you must use it during multiple times a day.

  • Have a few garlic buds in empty stomach with water every morning.
  • Heat garlic cloves in oil and use it for massaging the neck area.

These are sure to keep cervical spondylitis at bay.


If you’re overwhelmed by the pain caused by spondylitis, it is important to consult a doctor or, in the worst case, get admission to some hospital or clinic. While going to the hospital, it’s better to use the stretchers and the ambulances. You can also use spineboards, which ensure that your back and spine remain in the best shape while carrying you to the ambulance. This is expected to play an extremely important role in ensuring that you can recover fast from the cervical spondylitis issue.However, even before you are affected by this ailment, you must maintain a proper lifestyle and engage in regular exercises to keep cervical spondylitis away and remain fit.


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