Tips on Matching Different types of Tops with Bottoms

Tops can be the most versatile dress if matched right with the bottoms. If you too are one of those who has bought almost the entire shop of tops but doesn't know how to wear them, use these simple tips to ensure that you are pairing your clothes right. What's interesting is that one colour change in these combinations and you change the entire way you look. Stand out from the rest of the crowd by choosing the right combinations.

Trends are becoming interesting each year. From what was once just a regular fashion report at the end of the year is now policing all year through. This means, the critics are not letting any fashion mistake go. So, the next time you are pairing those bottoms with an exciting top, figure out what to do about it, and how. Pick the right colours, follow the trends and pair them well to make no mistake.

Choosing the Right Fits

When you are using tops with cinches in the waist, let the flattering effect come alive with an equally fitted bottom. Many women make the mistake of wearing loose bottoms with fitted waist tops. That's a complete mistake. The tight-on-the-waist options look classy and elegant with fitted knee-length skirts or trousers with pencil fits.


Playing With Colours

With clothing trends becoming more globalised than ever before, the markets are surging with colour combinations. Everything from interesting beiges to dusky browns, faded pales and bright neons are making waves on the colour palette. These are combinations that are never going anywhere. How to club them is a trick. Gone are the days when only a contrast made colour combinations interesting. You can now try a combination of the same shade of the colour for tops and bottoms both.


Enjoying The Prints

This is something tricky. The safest way to approach the prints is to choose a block of prints for one and plain pastels for the other. For instance, if your lower is already loud with big prints, go for a solid colour on the top. Even better, go with darker shades in contrast. About the size of prints, let the lowers mostly be with smaller prints, they make you look less voluptuous on the thighs.


Donning Crop Tops Right

They are a big rage. The world is dancing around the idea of crop tops from a long time. Little do they know how to carry them. The tights you see with crop tops are a passé. It's a good idea to experiment with a little flow-skirt with a solid colour. This looks trendy and relaxing at the same time. If your crop top is a solid colour, try floral patterns in the bottoms to give them a relaxing look.

What are you waiting for? Before the season changes, get the trendiest of combinations for your closet and take pride in what you wear. Enjoy the new season in style by buying the right bottoms and tops from the websites that understand your style and can display your attitude.


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