Spring-Summer 2015 Clothing Trends

The overall outlook for Spring/Summer 2015 is very retro. It’s a mix of 60s and 70s style with an updated look and feel to keep it all fresh. After checking out what all of the top designers are putting out on the runways it would be tempting to say we’ve stepped in to a time warp. But you know what they say: there are no new trends, only old ones that have come back to life! So let's take a trip back to see what’s hot for the warmer months of 2015, shall we?

1. Denim


I can already hear you screaming that denim has always been a great style, but just relax, we're talking about some specific denim looks here. We don’t just mean putting on a pair of old jeans, or some denim shorts. Some of the biggest names in the fashion world are putting out denim pieces this year, including Burberry with a great selection of jean jackets in a whole bunch of styles that will take you a while to decide between. Louis Vuitton, Celine, and Sonia Rykiel are all reintroducing the bell-bottom flare jeans, for that high waist look, and even some cropped versions. We could go on about the 2015 denim styles, but alas there are other things to discuss.

2. Cashmere


Sometimes you have to make a choice between fashion and comfort, but that is simply not the case with cashmere. You won’t be rushing home to get changed out of this as fast as you would with many other choices. It may be too hot for a full cashmere sweater or cardigan, although you never know with our weather, and whatever happens, you will want something to put on in the evening when it gets cold. For example, take a look at the sweaters, scarves, and beanie hats currently in stock at for a few things to keep you warm when the darkness rolls around.

3. Suede


That sweet suede style is another stunning seventies statement coming back for the season, and now we're all out of s-words. These suede pieces are not just fashionable and great to look at, some of them are even appropriate to wear in the workplace, which is more than you can say about most clothing you will see on the runway this year or any other. A lot of these suede pieces are available in classic tan, but there are also pastels now to update the look for Spring/Summer 2015. Or if you’re feeling even more daring, why not try the suede trench or shift dress?

4. Saddle Bags


Another throwback to the seventies, and actually quite a practical addition to almost any outfit, is the classic leather saddle bag. Gucci, Michael Kors, and a few others, are all throwing their bags in the ring to fight it out for who gets to have their bag sitting on your hip. The colours available here are more of what you would expect from suede: rich, dark, and dusty tones that bring out beautiful small details in the buckle and patchwork. No outfit is complete without an accessory, and the saddle bag is the one to have this year.

With so many throwback fashions hitting us, this year is set to be incredibly exciting!

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