Hot 2016 Handbag Trends

trendy-handbagMost women will agree: you can't have too many great handbags. Sure, there are some who don't care about fashion at all, and that's their prerogative. For the rest of us, we crave the newest styles by the best designers. Sometimes those top brands are untouchable, but we can draw some ideas from knowing what the top names in the industry are up to and then apply those concepts to our search for a bargain bag. Team from has reviewed a few of the hottest trends and give some examples on how to get the look with a smaller price tag.

Don't Forget Your Phone

This season, the concept of the clutch is reinvented and it's all about the smart phone. There are so many looks that are tiny and perfectly tailored to your favorite accessory, your phone. They're perfect for nights out with your friends.

The super cute Jane Mini Bag from Chloe makes a big impact for such a little bag, complete with fringe and accent pieces. Saint Laurent's Classic Medium Kate Monogram Satchel is another take on the small, cell friendly purse.

If those pieces will break your bank and you want to get the look on a budget, the Calvin Klein Monogram Cell Phone Case is a real steal! If you gotta have that fringe, the Hobo Veranda Clutch has all of it you can handle at an affordable price point.

Hands Up Top

Top handle bags are another major trend coming down the runway. They're stylish and classic as long as you don't mind having a hand tied up for fashion.

Louis Vuitton steps out with the Alma BB, a sweet and simple top handle bag that takes after several similar designs currently available from the designer. Maison Margiela's 5AC bag is versatile, adding a cross body strap for those hands full moments. Anything goes for the style of the bag as long as the handles are up top.

Fake the look and save some cash with Furla's Blue Leather Medium ‘Josi’ Tote. It's adorable and handy, if you pardon the pun. Another way to get this look for less is with the Vera Bradley Preppy Poly Satchel which looks a great deal like its cousins from the runway. If you want a little name brand recognition with your bargain shopping, the GUESS Delaney Shopper is a great, classic choice.

It's In The Bucket

Bucket bags are evolving this season and they're everywhere on the runway. These fun shaped bags are a little different from the ordinary and are great for those of us who want to plop all of our things into our bag without a second thought.

You can reach for the Noe Bucket Bag by Louis Vuitton for a slightly traditional take on the bucket bag. If you want something loud and different, The Falabella Bluebird Fringed Bucket Bag from Stella Mccartney is crazy fun. Both will run you quite a lot of cash, though.

Shop smart and get a very similar look with the Rebecca Minkoff ‘Micro Lexi’ Fringe Bucket Bag. It's possible that no one would even notice the difference, though this option is hundreds of dollars less. Pick up the Sondra Roberts Mini Drawstring Bucket Bag for another big savings shot at this trend.

If you want a little luxury but can't quite splurge on Louis Vuitton, the Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag is high quality with a mid range price point. It looks much richer than you have to be to afford it.

Camera Bag Love

Camera bags are wonderful ways to get a lot of style impact with a little bag. They are hipster friendly and have a bit of a vintage feel to them.

Chloe again gets the big win for the Jodie Small Suede Camera Bag that exemplifies the trend. It's available in some very fun colors to kick things up even more. Chanel also has you covered with their almost 80s inspired Messenger Bag. It's hip in a whole different way than Chloe's interpretation, showing off how wide this trend swings.

Get a cost friendly version of this look with ‘Nanah’ Mini Crossbody Camera Bag by Susu. It has the same feel as the Chloe bag- vintage and classic at the same time. It also comes in many colors to suit your mood and wardrobe.

Be A Smart Shopper

The coming purse trends are as varied as you and your friends are and there is something to appeal to absolutely everyone. You don't have to pine away for your favorite runway looks just because you can't afford designer prices. With a bit of savvy shopping you can score the same looks for less. Then, you have a trendy new handbag and bragging rights to put inside it!

If you have any questions, please ask below!