5 of the Most Expensive Fashion Handbags in Hollywood

Fashion handbags are probably the most worn accessories for women worldwide. Designers constantly putting out new models and celebrities rush to buy them, even if they sometimes cost incredibly much. Here are five of the bags worn by American stars this year.

Mahala, by Jimmy Choo

Mahala, by Jimmy Choo-Nicole Kidman, Eva Mendes, Jessica Simpson and Halle Berry have fallen under the spell of these beautiful fashion handbags from Jimmy Choo. The unique style is given by the two handles attached to the corners of the base and horizontal zippers on the front of the bag. It has the functionality and space of an everyday bag and the elegance of all Jimmy Choo creations. Cost: 250 $.

Lucite Handbag by Tarina Tarantino

Lucite Handbag by Tarina Tarantino – on her full name Pink Sport Lucite Handbag, this pink bag was brought to light flashes by Paris Hilton. The bag can be worn without any problems with massive gold jewels. Tarantino is known for her chic style, and unique models and other celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani have often bought her woks. Cost: 595$.

Boston Bag, Balenciaga

Boston Bag, Balenciaga – fashion handbags Balenciaga Twiggy are opposed to the YSL summer fashion handbags. The rigid structure of this bag lacks overall size, in contrast, it has more style than its predecessor. Anna Kournikova, Kate Moss, star of Sex and the City - Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller and Paris Hilton have included it all in their wardrobe because of its particular style that can be matched to a casual chic outfit, but also to a very elegant one. Cost: 1,010 $.

Gaufre Antik by Prada

Gaufre Antik by Prada РThese designer handbags with draped look were worn by famous arms like those of Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham, Beyonc̩ and Jessica Simpson. It is part of the larger summer fashion handbags collection, very roomy, very different, but very practical. The bag is perfect for busy days, while remaining a fashion accessory that steals the attention of photographers. Cost: 1.500 $.

Muse, by Yves Saint Laurent

Muse, by Yves Saint Laurent – Paparazzi found these designer handbags in every corner of Hollywood. Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Paris Hilton have been photographed wearing these fashion handbags constantly. The bag has become a piece of their wardrobe due to its generous size, while maintaining a classic and very elegant style. Golden accessories match it perfectly and its impeccable design has made it a favorite accessory overnight among celebrities and in fashion pages. Cost: 1,545$.


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