3 Male Hairstyles for the Business World

A man's hairstyle is usually the first thing that you notice about them whenever they walk into a room, which makes it important to always have your hair looking neat and presentable. However, this may not be easy if your hair needs to be tamed every morning before you get to the office. It is therefore important to always have your haircut done in a professional manner and any other unwanted hair removed so that your preparation time is reduced as much as possible. However, not every haircut is considered good for business thus making it important to ask your barber to recommend the best one for your face shape. Alternatively, you can copy the hairstyles seen on powerful businessmen so that you always stand out when in the office.

If you have been looking for a hairstyle that will make you look more masculine and capture the right attention within the business world, you need to try out these three hairstyles.

  1. Undercut hairstyle

Undercut hairstyle

The undercut hairstyle is a popular one with professionals that want to incorporate their personal style in their daily office activities but in a subtle manner. It has been adopted by many celebrities that are looking to channel a more professional look such as Brad Pitt, with the final result being received positively by their fans. If you like this undercut hairstyle, then you can have your barber do it on your hair as long as you do not have a round face. To better bring out the hairstyle, you can grow a beard that complements it and the office environment is okay with it.

  1. Textured fade hairstyle

Textured fade hairstyle

The fade hairstyle is currently quite popular with both older as well as younger men that want to look trendy. It can be personalized to fit an individual's lifestyle, and it is no wonder some businessmen have adopted the textured fade as their signature hairstyle. In addition, this particular fade can be styled in a number of ways making it ideal for the office space and then transitioning with it to a formal occasion in the evening. To ensure that the textured fade hairstyle always looks good, use styling products such as holding wax that has medium strength and has a natural finish. However, to maintain this hairstyle much better, you will have to book an appointment with your barber every fortnight for a trim.

  1. Medium cut hairstyle

Medium cut hairstyle

Many men are trying out hairstyles that allow them to grow out their hair without them losing the professional appearance that they have worked hard to develop. Fortunately, the medium cut hairstyle allows them to do so regardless of the office environment they go to on a daily basis. However, the length of the cut is dictated by a man's personal preference and sometimes the shape of their face.

It does not matter if your hair has curls or straight, you can still adopt the medium cut as your official look both in an out of the office. Furthermore, maintaining the hairstyle is quite simple with the basic styling products being leave-in conditioner and the matte finish pomade that can be used on a regular basis. Even so, you will have to go in for a trim every two to three months before having the haircut redone.

In conclusion, choosing the right hairstyle can make or break your professional career as many people make decisions about you depending on your appearance during business or office meetings. It is advisable to have a barber that understands your hair needs and is willing to help you maintain a professional look at all times.

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