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Top 5 Beauty Gifts

Looking for that perfect beauty gift for your loved one? Finding beauty gifts can sometimes be daunting, as you might not be as into beauty products as the person you are buying the gift to or you might not know what the person might actually enjoy. But with these five beauty gifts, you are sure to succeed each time!

1. The Perfect Fragrance

Fragrances are always a great gift idea, as people don't often buy multiple fragrances themselves, but still love using different scents. The key to finding the perfect fragrance is carefully considering the different options. Don't just walk to the store and pick the first one you see. Think about the person and his or her characteristics and pick something that supports these. House of Fraser has a great guide to buying the perfect fragrance. You can also get tips from other beauty retailers to make picking the right scent easier.

2. A Professional Makeup Case


Every woman dreams of owning a professional makeup case, but unfortunately they can be quite a costly purchase. If you are looking for a big treat for your loved one, then a professional makeup case is the perfect gift. You can either go with an empty case, which the person can fill with their own products, or you could buy a case with makeup products inside. You have plenty of design options to choose, from hard cases to soft ones.

3. A Photo Session

Although a photo session isn't strictly a beauty product, it is a gift allowing the person to look at their best. We can't all be supermodels, but having a moment in the spotlight can boost your confidence and be an exciting experience. Book a professional photographer and perhaps a makeup artist to help your loved one look at his or her best. It's a fantastic and unique gift idea, and the photos will produce a big smile on the person's face.

4. Beauty Treatments


Treatment and experience gifts are always a great gift idea. If you feel like the person has cabinets full of bottles and you have no idea what their style is, a beauty treatment can be the perfect choice. You have plenty of options available as well. You could go with a traditional pedicure or a manicure, but you can also think outside the box. A trip to dental hygienist to achieve a perfect set of pearly whites or a Hopi ear candle session can be a unique, yet relaxing beauty treatment gift.

5. Natural Beauty Basket


If your loved one is into eco-friendly lifestyle, then you could create your own beauty hamper with natural beauty products. You can create amazing natural beauty treatments from simple ingredients such as honey, oats and salts. Combine a few homemade treatments into a beautiful basket and add a few extra treats. You can add some champagne and chocolates for a truly wonderful pampering session!

The above gift ideas are great whether you are looking for a birthday or a Christmas gift. All the ideas are universal, yet can be easily personalised to ensure your loved one finds them just the perfect gift for them!

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