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Great Gift Ideas for College Guys

beautiful asian guyShopping for college guys can always be a bit of a chore – especially when all they seem to do is grunt at you. Stuck for gift ideas? You won’t be for long. From funny tees to Swiss Army knives, here are some great gift ideas for college-age guys.

iPod Dock

iPod DockBoys love to make noise, it’s kind of a given. Give them cause to make less noise and more music with their own iPod or MP3 Player dock station. Docking stations come in a huge variety of styles to suit whatever your college guy is into, sleek stainless silver to a retro 80s jukebox, the possibilities are endless. This is one gift that will be used for months on end!

Funny Tees

Funny TeeThey may try and convince us how grown up they are, but let’s face it, most college guys just aren’t as mature as they come across. Most of them, in fact, still have the same sense of humour they did when they were thirteen, if this is the case – funny tees make an ideal gift idea! Anything with a slogan or image that has comedic significance to them will be worn until it is starting to fall apart, and definitely starting to smell! Check out the great range of funny tees at Spencer’s Gifts Online-spencersonline.com.

Games Console

Games ConsoleChances are you might never see them again, as they’ll never leave their dorm room. Needless to say, games consoles a really great gift idea. While slightly pricier, if taken care of correctly, a good quality games console can last you around five years: and just imagine all the fun they will have with it in the meantime. This will be the gift to beat, probably for the next couple of birthdays.

Good Reads

sloganWhile you’re studying the last thing you would want to do is more reading, right? Having a few really good books on hand can help for those horrible rainy days, or when that assignment just isn’t quite coming together and you need a bit of a break. Look online at your local bookstores popular sellers list and pick up a couple you think he would like – reading never hurt anyone!


Socks are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. And what’s better than giving a gift that gives back? Society Socks is a bold sock company with a social cause- for every pair of socks sold, a pair is donated to charity. A sock subscription is the perfect gift for every college guy who loves fun, high-quality and stylish socks, but doesn’t want to shop for them!

Custom Coffee Keep-Cup

Custom Coffee Keep-CupIt’s no secret that a vast majority of college students to the last week, or minute. It should also come as no surprise then, that during finals week coffee and caffeinated drink sales rise exponentially. Help your struggling student by gifting him a coffee keep-cup to sip on during nights of stress and anxiety. There are a wide range of customisable keep-cups available online, which can be decorated differently a number of times or as just one set design. He will be the envy of all the zombies in his dorm!

Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army KnifeThe perfect gift for your college guys inner child. Nothing makes a guy feel manlier than carrying a Swiss army knife – he’ll be a hit at all the parties carrying around a bottle opener in his back pocket! In some more modern editions, features include USB drives, MP3 players, LED lights and digital clocks. Practical, but also a huge distraction: he’ll love it. Learn more about the legendary Swiss Army Knife on Wikipedia.

Classic Stationery

Classic StationeryFor the practical college guy, a good quality stationery set and pen is a great gift idea. Scholarship applications, thank you letters, and job interview applications all look better when not scrawled on coffee covered lined paper. A wise move in terms of getting him prepared for the business world post-college.


HeadphonesBefore you say it: yes, he will have headphones. I can guarantee it. But I also guarantee with almost certainty that they are the factory default pair that came with his phone. Now, I’m not suggesting we go out and spend $2000 on a pair of headphones which may mysteriously ‘stop working’ in six months’ time, but investing in a good quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones could really help with studying – or at the very least, he can ignore everyone else in his dorm.

Coffee Maker

Coffee MakerThis one goes hand in hand with the keep-cup. Not all coffee makers have to be ridiculously expensive: if you do your research you are sure to find a full functioning model that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. This gift is great particularly if your college student is looking at leaving the dorms soon and moving into his own place. He’ll thank you for it, really, he will!


CologneIn my opinion, a must-have. By the time you’re in college, in your late teens and early twenties, it’s important to start taking really good care of yourself. That includes the outside! A touch of cologne on a man, when used properly, speaks volumes.

What do you think? Do you have any great ideas to add? Please let me know in comments.

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