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Advice to Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle

Safe on Your MotorcycleIt's the summer, and the thrill of taking to the open roads is one which is felt by every motorbike owner. The freedom of leaving the driveway behind and heading off onto another adventure knowing that you are at one with the road and your surrounding environment.

It's important though, to remember the basics of staying safe to reduce the risk of an accident so even if you're an experienced reminder, don't forget the following tips:

Don't ride if you're tired

A motorbike isn't a way to get from A to B if you're having a bad day or angry about something. You need to have a clear mind every time you get on your bike as your primary way of staying safe on the roads.

Even if you've arranged to have a day or weekend touring and don't feel well, you've just had an argument or you've been working really long hours recently and can hardly stay away, leave the bike in the garage. If you feel rough and head off anyway, you're much more likely to make a mistake which could have massive consequences.

Be a tire kicker

Before you head out on even the shortest routes, there are basic checks to make. These are your tyres, oil, chassis, controls and stands. It only needs to be a quick inspection, but it's one which could save your life.

The issues you are looking for include; oil leaks, damage to the tyres or fraying edges to the electrical wiring. Very few accidents are due to issues with the bike itself, but keeping an eye on the vital parts of the bike will mean you can head off with complete peace of mind and will probably save you an avoidable roadside breakdown.

Speed kills

As the road speeds by beneath your wheels, it's all too easy to gather speed with the thrill of the road. Breaking the speed limit however is one of the top reasons for road traffic injuries and fatalities regarding motorbikes and going too fast gives you less of an opportunity to correct any kind of riding error or to avoid a collision with another vehicle user who is doing something they shouldn't be. Amongst those who are the most seriously injured are those speeding when on a curve as they can't take the corner correctly or skid and simply ride off the road - and often into oncoming traffic.

Surviving as a cyclist means slowing down and keeping to the speed of the local limits and the surrounding traffic. If you are involved in an accident when within the speed limits and it was due to another vehicle user, look to make a road accident traffic claim.

Ensure that you're seen

There are far more other vehicles on the road in comparison to motorbikes - in fact, only 1% of road users are on motorcycles yet make up 12% of traffic fatalities.

The main reason that many bikers are killed is simple; other road users simply didn't or couldn't see them. A motorbike is small and often fall into blind spots and so if a car; van or truck user isn't paying attention, they go unnoticed, and this can lead to some terrible consequences.

The solution is to be as visible as possible. Buy a Hi-Vis vest with fluorescent strips and neon colors. Wearing one will always make you much more visible than a black jacket.

Stay safe on your bike and you're much less likely to be involved in a crash or collision. Staying aware of your surrounding environment at all times and keeping your speed down means, you won't become yet another statistic. Riding a motorbike is an incredible thrill but doesn't mean that you should push the limits so far that you end up injured or even worse.

If you're a motorcycle rider and have been injured in a road traffic accident in the past three years then you may be eligible to claim, so why not contact Express Motorbike Solicitors where their specialist team can offer free advice on your circumstances.

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