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How to Resist Every Temptation and Be a Winner in Life

fdfgdgdSelf-control, as we all know, is akin to willpower. Self-control dictates how disciplined you are in life. Trust me but learning and exercising self-control is the best trait and a skill that will always come in handy so I need your attention while you read tips below on how to resist any temptation that comes your way and come out on top.

What is self-control?

Before we begin we must understand what self-control and why it is so important in its totality. Self-control is something that keeps your emotions in check when you are at your worst. The true test of self-control comes into play by keeping in check one’s emotions and desires.

We often react on our impulses. And self-control will teach how to not say or do something which you will later regret. Psychology Today has defined it as “…the ability to subdue our impulses in order to achieve longer-term goals.” You can achieve big and become successful as a result of exercising self-control.

Why is self-control so hard?

That is indeed a very good question. Anything worth gaining is hard, as noted by a wise man once. And that is true. Think of any incident in your life which was worth striving for, it must have taken the best of you to complete it – utmost focus and attention which is why, primarily, things (such as self-control) consuming our focus and attention tend to drain and exhaust us.

It is easier to lash out on your loved ones for a small error on their part or simply put, reverting back to a routine where you are in charge of things. But the most difficult of jobs is to be willing to adopt something new or changing your routine by tapping into your self-control chamber. Mastering new things require dedication because old habits die hard.

So how can you identify whether or not you are running low on your self-control? The signs become evident and they range from agitation, irritability, and lack of patience to difficulty concentrating and intrusive thoughts.

Now the next logical question is, what can be done to refill oneself with self-control, seeing its importance in our daily lives. Well, that is precisely what this article is about and here’s how you can refill that tank of yours.

1) Practice situations that exercise self-control

As the old saying goes, practice makes man perfect, it is the case here as well. You need to start practicing situation that puts you to exercising self-control. A good start would be in the form refraining from the temptation of eating sweets or suppressing the urge for constantly checking your Facebook feed. Naturally, with time, you will seize control of yourself which could then be mapped to any number of situations in life.

2) Distract yourself from the tempting situation

Distracting is another good idea to achieve self-control. There are many situations that tempt such as viewing porn. Everybody watches porn but if the watching becomes excessive it’s an addiction and needs to be addressed. You ought to distract yourself from watching it or it will get worse.

Spend your time reading, learning new skills online, exercising, going out for a drive or simply hanging out with your best buds. That is sure to take away your attention from tempting situations. Temptations ought to be replaced with distractions (read good habits) that can teach you a thing or two.

3) Put yourself first to be energized

Running low on your self-control tank can result in reverting back to bad behaviors. How to keep yourself rejuvenated? It by taking care of yourself. Remember nothing or no one is more important in your life than you. If you are at your best, you can do good and be good to others.

To keep yourself stocked and avoid any lapses in self-control, always eat healthily, get enough sleep etc. These steps will ensure that your stress handled well and you have the mechanism to cope with it in place.

4) Change your environment to decrease temptations

If it is getting difficult to steer clear of temptations, it is advisable to change your environment. For example, switch to keypad phone instead of a smartphone so that you don’t have the excuse to check your social media accounts every minute.

In conclusion

So having a decent self-control in place is not always easy but continuous efforts and hard work always pay off. Seek help from the above tips and before you know it you will be successful in mastering the art of self-control.


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