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Daniel Taheri's Professional Profile

DANIEL TAHERIDaniel Taheri is a medical doctor who went to David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He specializes in dermatology. He is the owner of LA laser center in California. He has been running the center for over seven years. During this time he has gained a lot of respect not only from clients but also from peers. He has gained priceless experience in the field of dermatology.

The Los Angeles Magazine ranked him as the best dermatologist in Los Angeles. This is simply testament to the fact that he is one of the best in the entire city. Dr. Daniel Taheri does not only work on cosmetic procedures. He also does medical dermatology and treats people suffering from skin cancer. He has performed many skin cancer surgeries successfully. His success can largely be pegged on the fact that he is a pioneer in laser surgery. This is more effective and less intrusive.

Dr. Taheri is passionate about helping people to be healthy and also making them feel good about themselves. A person's outward appearance plays a big role in determining self-esteem and self-worth. Therefore, by providing expert cosmetic dermatology services, Dr. Daniel Taheri is able to provide patients with the self-confidence they previously lacked. However, this is only done within certain limits to ensure that the patient's well-being is a priority.

The main purpose of any cosmetic procedure is to improve the appearance of a person. If the doctor feels that you do not need any change or there will be no significant results, then he does no proceed. In some cases, patients have other deep rooted psychological issues that could be the real problem. Consequently, Dan Taheri has to talk to each patient and figure out what they need before jumping into surgery.

One of the major problems that the doctor deals a lot with on a daily basis is eczema. There are so many people suffering from this condition, both young and old. It does not just cause a lot of pain and discomfort but also affects a person's appearance and self-esteem. Until recently, the cause of the condition was not well understood. However, recently the cells that cause eczema have been identified.

Dan Taheri is passionate about helping those with this condition. And thus he is doing research to create drugs that will help heal the disease and even prevent it. Current procedures used to treat eczema include the use of steroids. However, these have side effects and give other unwanted results. By coming up with a drug which only targets the eczema without affecting the rest of the body, a better treatment procedure will be birthed.

According to Dr Dan Taher it his drug is almost at reach and within a short while, eczema will no longer be a problem. The new drugs will only target a small part of the immune system. This makes it safe to administer to children. It will also be safe for adults without causing other undesirable long term side effects.

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