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Childs Abilities: Innate or Gained

"He is a genius!" "You've got a wonder girl!" We used to hear these words about someone who demonstrates extraordinary abilities or more simply talent. But not every person has a superpower. Or maybe we just talk down on ourselves saying we have no outstanding abilities. Actually this has been a controversial subject with no absolute answer for a long time. However, these days some things have been clarified.


Talent is an inherent feature

"Talent is an inborn feature", claim scientists and by way of evidence provide a vivid example. If a person is lucky to have a talent, it often manifests itself in early childhood. Mozart, for example, showed up as a promising musician when he was 3 years old, whereas Raphael demonstrated his artistic skills at the age of 8.

Talent innateness is also proved by the fact that it reoccurs in the whole generation. If, for instance, your grandparents, mom and dad are all related to science, your chances to be another Einstein are rather high as well.

Put it in short, in the eye of biology and genetics, all people are born with a particular talent hidden in their DNA code. But does it mean we can relax and wait till our unique abilities show up and generate profit? This is the worst thing a person can do.

Talent Formula: 1% of aptitude, 99% of a hard work

Good news is: there are no ungifted children. Bad news is: you'll have to work really hard to unleash child's potential. There are lots of cases when children with undistinguished abilities, when taught in a right way, developed unmatched skills. Think this isn't within your power? Just follow these recommendations, and you'll bring a true genius up.

Team with a child. Being a parent or a grown-up doesn't mean being boss to a child. If you really want to raise a gifted person cooperate with your child on equal terms.

Trigger positive emotions. Child's learning should be always followed with positive emotions. Whenever your little genius makes progress, praise him and share his joy.

Show your concernment. Once you show a child your interest in his achievements, your child will gain even greater confidence to scale new heights.

Although the origin of human abilities remains an open-end question, one thing is clear: self-improvement and hard work always pay off. Want to raise a genius, roll up your sleeves.

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