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Advantages of Interactive Learning with the Use of Technology

interactive learningTechnology has touched every part of human life, learning is a basic part of human life and something everyone does all the time in one way or another, learning continues for everyone until death. Every day is a new lesson to be learned and every day there are new technologies becoming available. Here in this post we shall talk about learning with the use of an audience response system.

If you have been out of education for a few years you may be wondering what exactly an audience response system is, it is software cum hardware that makes learning easier, more interesting, interactive and effective. Audience response systems make E-learning easy and efficient too. With this technology, lecturers or speakers may present their students with an innovative way of making their presentations lively.

By using this kind of technology, the audience is always glued to the class or session and the lecturer gains the complete attention of their students. An audience response system makes the class or presentations more interesting thus making the students more active and enthusiastic. There are several benefits of using an audience response system and some of them are depicted here for you, the reader.


An audience response system enhances the quality of communication that is conducted between a speaker and their audience. It offers a 2 way communication where the speaker and the audience can interact at all levels without any difficulty. Both parties present can ask questions and answer them in an effective manner.


Since the audience response system keeps the audience glued to the presentation, there is no chance that the audience will get bored or become defocused. Furthermore, these presentations build motivation in the students or participants enabling them to concentrate all their senses and to garner all the information disclosed in the presentation. This also brings motivation for the speaker to be actively involved in the process and give more and more.

Group Discussion

The interaction between the speaker and the audience is high; this builds a nice group that is actively involved in talking out about their concerns and asking questions. More and more students tend to be responsive and interactive as they start asking their questions to the presenter. This technology also features an instant polling system; this polling system will reduce the evening out of the results as every individual is given a chance to vote for the options provided. This way, the feedback tends to be diverse and realistic. The answers, results and other outcomes of the presentations are thus reached successfully. The data generated in the process remains saved. This data can be easily retrieved in future presentations if required.


Thanks to this technology, learning is no longer boring; the audio and visual aspects of the presentation make it interactive. An advanced response system takes into account and utilises all of kinds of interactions such as game shows, movies, music and other entertainment modes. A complicated framework can be explained by using a video or a series of videos that explain every detail effectively, with this kind of system all kinds of concepts can be well explained, understood and easily grasped. Presentations be they academic or otherwise seem to be complete only with this technology. This kind of learning system makes the presentations come to life, they are interactive, entertaining and the best way of communicating. Nowadays, many educational institutions and conferences are making use of this technology to reap the benefits of effective information transmission.

A post written by Mark Stubbles, Mark writes for Acuity-an IT Training provider based in Guildford Surrey. Acuity offers various IT courses including an Adobe InDesign course.

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  1. Learning can be fun, it only depends on how you teach your students, there are many ways to do interactive learning especially for kids who easily gets bored…these can be helpful…

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