Preparing a Smart Study Routine for Mathematics: 5 tried & tested Tips

Study Routine

An organized study routine is a key to securing a good score in mathematics. Working hard is important but working smart is more important.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few tips that are based on this exact topic. Let’s begin without further ado.

  • Cut down on distractions as much as possible

Distractions are a problem. There’s simply no doubt about it. But it doesn’t mean you should keep quiet and do nothing in case you face situations like that.

There are definite tactful ways through which you might be able to turn this issue into a part of the solution. We will provide you with an example solution for your reference but before that, do remember that your desire and determination are the primary things you need to make this point a success.

Right; now let’s come to the example. You have probably noticed many students having the tendency to listen to music while doing their math homework. This practice has currently become a fad.

listen music

I am definitely NOT saying that it’s a bad thing to do. It can actually benefit some in particular but in most cases, it results in acute distractions that can result in poor performance and poor productivity.

You have to find out whether your productivity’s negatively affected by the music or not. If it is, consider curbing this practice without further ado. This is for your own good.

There are countless other example scenarios. We have discussed only one. We hope you get the point though.

  • Make a distinct plan and start early

To be honest, most students plan to start early on their syllabus but they seldom take the opportunity to turn their plans into action. Hence, stress builds up right before the day of the examination as the student tries his best to cram in everything within that short period of time.

Unpleasant; isn’t it? You bet it is!

The advice is to keep these situations at bay. If you think of starting early, START EARLY without further procrastination. Have a clear and systematic goal (something that can be achieved within a reasonable amount of time) and get on it. The results will surprise you for sure.

  • Reading sums isn’t going to cut it

Do remember that mathematics needs to be practiced in the old fashioned way to get the best results. You just CAN’T read mathematics in any way whatsoever if you want an improved score in the subject.

You need to get a piece of paper, grab a pen or a pencil and DO the sums on the paper itself. Remember there’s no shortcut to success especially when math is concerned.

As you start practicing sums serially and systematically, you will definitely come across some that are beyond your ability and comprehensibility. In case you face these sums during your practice, you must not skip them in any way whatsoever thinking that they won’t come in your exams.

Note them on a separate piece of paper and keep it close. Try to clarify the sums with your teacher or your tutor in the immediate next opportunity that you have. Small things like that can go a long way indeed.

  • Make space for “review” and “revision”

So you have prepared yourself well and have actually finished a math topic in the best possible way. Hold on a minute! Don’t just go move on the next immediately. You need to reflect on the previous chapter and find out whether you had missed out on any important information on not.

Hence, keeping a dedicated space in your routine for “revisions” and “review” is recommended more than anything.

  • Use flash cards for formulae

Mathematics consist of a host of formulae that needs to be memorized by heart for an improved performance in the subject. All these formulae can really create a lot of confusion in students. The “x,” the “y”, the integration symbol…Result- CONFUSION!

Flash cards can aid a lot in these situations. So consider using flashcards for formulae memorization and derivations. Your study routine should leave space for things like these. Remember these are the things that can make you a standout among the crowd. So what are you still waiting for?


So that’s it then. Hope you find these tips handy enough for your purpose. Always remember that you need to balance tactics, organization and effort in the right manner to get the maximum positive results in mathematics. Getting only one ingredient right doesn’t always bring the odds in your favor, my friend. With that, I’ll bring this to an end for now. Cheerio!


If you have any questions, please ask below!