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Why Should Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of the UAE Free Zones in 2022?

The UAE Free Zone helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses from scratch and touch new heights. At present over 40 Free Zones are available in the UAE for investment.

Free Zones or Free Trade Zones are geographically demarcated areas in which various firms can operate and make money. All business firms get the advantage of preferential tax, low export-import duty, and other benefits here.

Also, when you set up your business in a Free Zone, you get full ownership over your business and properties. You don’t need to appoint any local partner in such a case.

An entrepreneur needs to find out the best Free Zone for his business. It can be overwhelming because UAE has lots of Free Zone options to choose from.

Here are the significant factors to consider before setting up your business in the UAE:

Know Your Goal And Business Activity

In all Free Zones of UAE, a particular trade or type of business activity is promoted more. You must undertake a particular business, which is prevalent in that zone. Depending upon the line of your business, you can choose your license.

If you want to do multiple activities, you need to obtain a special license that allows you to do so. When in doubt, choose a license that allows you to perform multiple business activities.

When you get a license from DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) Free Zone, you become eligible to get involved in over six types of business activities.

What Types of Facilities Do You Require

For launching any business, you need to have a shared office or co-working space. When you obtain a license, the latter will include the fees for a shared office too. However, if you are opting for a private office to frequently meet your guests and employees, you need a private office in that free zone.

Your Choice of Emirate

The UAE is very big. You can launch your business operation anywhere in the UAE. There are a total of seven emirates. But if you are looking for a cheaper free zone option, don’t choose Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Over the last few years, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have seen a constant flow of investors in their lands, which made them costly business destinations within the UAE.

You can go for Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah instead. They are relatively cheaper and cost-effective for running your business operations.

The Legality of Your Visas

An entrepreneur needs a residence visa to get started with his business operation. It depends upon the type of your business, which eventually determines how many visas you can obtain under a visa quota.

The cost of a visa and its quota varies from one emirate to another. In Dubai, you can get only two visas under the licence quota, but in the northern emirates, you may get a few more visas.

The Amount of Capital You Need

As soon as you decide to launch your business in any of the UAE’s Free Zones, you have to get your firm registered. While registering your company, you have to deposit a certain amount of money as share capital in your Free Zone authority account or your company account.

The actual quantum of the share capital depends upon the type of your business and the facilities you want to hire.

How To Make the Best Use of Business Insight On Free Zones UAE

  • Select the best free zone that suits your business and trade.
  • Analyze the total cost of setting up your office there.
  • Process online requests for business renewal.
  • Know the contact details of important service providers offering banking services, registry services, VAT tax processing and others.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Get full details and the latest information about Free Zones online.
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Once you pay the requisite amount, you can start your business operation in your preferred free zone.

Advantages of Setting Up Your Business in A UAE Free Zone

  • Get 100% foreign ownership of your business and property.
  • You get access to the global market easily as most free zones are near seaports.
  • You get guidance from the authority from time to time regarding improving your business.
  • As Free Zones UAE deal with a particular type of business niche, you get to interact with fellow traders and entrepreneurs to share views and information.
  • You retain the legal right to transfer 100% of funds to your home country.
  • All business activities on Free Zones are tax-free.
  • The export/ import duty charged by the government is nominal.

In Conclusion

If you consider the advantages of Free Zones UAE, it’s time to float your business entity there. Choose your Free Zone wisely as each zone has a slightly separate rule of law that all entrepreneurs have to mandatorily follow.

If you have any questions, please ask below!